“We can talk now Lorca.” “Talk to me now Lorca.”

On a boat sailing away from Blood Island the Green Monster comes out of hiding and attacks everyone on the ship. When the boat explodes the monster, who at one time was Don Ramon Lopez, washes up on the island and goes back into the woods. Dr. Bill Foster (John Ashley) is rescued. Once he has recovered Dr. Foster, the only other survivor from the explosion, goes back to Blood Island. On board the return ship is reporter Myra Russell (Celeste Yarnall). She smells a story and follows Dr. Foster.

The island natives are fearful. They believe the Lopez mansion is cursed. Foster thinks that Lopez could still be alive. Foster enlists the village headman Ramu (Alfonso Carvajal) and the ship's captain (Beverly Miller) to investigate the house. They discover that Dr. Lorca’s assistant Razak (Bruno Punzalan) is alive. Myra is kidnapped and taken to Dr. Lorca’s (Eddie Garcia) hideout. Lorca is alive but his face is terribly scarred from a fire.

Dr. Foster and Laida (Liza Belmonte) search the mountains for Lorca. Laida goes back to the village for help. She returns with Ramu and some villagers. Foster presents himself to Dr. Lorca. Lorca brags about his latest experiments. He has decapitated Don Ramon. He keeps the head alive with machines and the body is strapped to a table. Don Ramon is not happy with his circumstances. His murderous head is biding it’s time.

“Beast of Blood” AKA “Beast of the Dead” AKA “Blood Devils”, AKA “Beat of Blood Island” was released in 1970 and was directed by Eddie Romero. This is a Filipino horror. It is the third of the “Blood Island Trilogy” but the fourth movie to take place on “Blood Island”. This was the last movie that Romero did in conjunction with Kane W. Lynn. It basically picks up where the last movie “The Mad Doctor of Blood Island” left off.

There’s some gore and some sex, but, except for the very beginning, not a lot of beast rampaging. Most of the time the beast isn’t even involved. When he is, his body is strapped to a table and his head is in a dish. There isn’t as much horror in this one as in the other trilogy movies. However, it is an actual sequel. It is slower paced than the previous movies. The opening is great, and the ending is great, in between there’s a lot of trudging through jungles. Not as much horror movie as it is action/adventure. The movie is OK, I enjoyed it, but it’s not my favorite in the series.

Celeste Yarnall was pregnant during the shoot.

The gimmick for this film was fake $10 bills that were spread around the neighborhood where the film was playing. The bills were folded in half. When unfolded they revealed an ad for the movie. The poster was actually more interesting than the actual movie. And very misleading.