Mother Nature relays a story about an experiment that she and father time conducted on an island 10,000 years ago. The island contained two tribes. In the tribe of Wongo the women were beautiful but the men were ugly and bestial. On the other side of, what must have been, a really big island was another tribe called Goona. In that tribe the men were handsome and strong, but the women were ugly. The two tribes lived isolated neither one knowing the other tribe existed.

One day an emissary from the Goona tribe comes to the Wongo village to report that ape men from across the ocean have been attacking Goona. The emissary is Engor (Johnny Walsh) the son of the ruler of the Goona tribe. He wants the men of Wongo to help them repel the ape men. When the women of Wongo see the handsome man from Goona they become dissatisfied with the men of Wongo and how they are treated by them.

Fearing that the man from Goona will spread unrest with the Wongo women the men plot to kill him. The chief’s daughter Omoo (Jean Hawkshaw) overhears the plot and decides to save the handsome Engor. Omoo and the rest of the women protect Engor long enough for him to escape back to Goona.

Because they interfered in the murder plot the men tell the women that the dragon god is not pleased. The women are sent away to the temple to dance and be offered to the dragon god, which is actually an alligator, until the god has taken a blood sacrifice. When a couple ape men, who don’t look that much different from Wongo men, try to kidnap one of the Wongo women, the others come to her rescue. The two ape men are eaten by the dragon god. Now that the blood sacrifice has been met the women decide they can go back to Wongo.

When they get to the village they find it empty. The women think that the ape men killed all the men. They decide that since there are no men around anymore they might as well go to Goona and see what’s available there.

After the women leave the men finally return to Wongo. When they can’t find the women either at the village or the temple the men think that maybe the ape men stole them and that they should have helped Goona when they had the chance. The men decide to go to Goona now and offer to help fight the ape men and see if there are any extra Goona women hanging around.

“The Wild Women of Wongo” was released in 1958 and was directed by James L. Wolcott. The movie tries for camp but I’m afraid it comes up a little short. It’s not very good and there is plenty of bad acting and dialogue to go around.

The plot is better suited for a romantic comedy which is basically what the movie is. It’s a silly stupid romantic comedy type movie with very little comedy. If you’ve ever seen “Seven Brides for Seven Brothers” 1954, it’s a little like the female version of that movie with a smaller budget, no singing and less dancing. What it does have are really hunky guys and skimpily clad women. Something to keep you watching if that is what you are interested in. If you have one of those 50, 100 or 100 plus packs of public domain movies, this one is probably in it.

Reportedly some of the stock music for the film was also used is in Plan 9 from Outer Space (1959). Another report says that Tennessee Williams did some of the directing for the movie. Reportedly he was a friend of James Wolcott and wanted to try it for fun. The "Temple of the Dragon God" in the movie is actually the Coral Castle built by Edward Leedskalnin in Homestead, Florida.