A young couple, kissing in the moonlight, is murdered by a half human, half monster creature. Dr. Gruber (Mario Orea) is suspicious of the couple’s cause of death. He believes that the legend of a werewolf in the area may have some truth to it. Doctor Rafael (Cesar Gay) thinks he’s crazy. Disregarding Rafael’s skepticism Gruber contacts Blue Demon (Alejandro Moreno) for assistance. The luchador agrees to help.

Blue Demon and Dr. Gruber decide to investigate an abandoned castle that once belonged to a man named Fernando Salgarolo. They wander through the maze of rooms and find some secret passages. At one point someone throws a knife at them but misses. They chase the culprit but he gets away. Turning up nothing specific they leave.

Hidden in the castle is a secret laboratory. The laboratory belongs to Professor Lauro Carral (Jaime Fernandez). Carral is also the fiancé of Dr. Gruber’s daughter, Marina (Rosa Maria Vazquez). Carral is the grandson of Fernando Salgarolo and is continuing in his grandfather’s shoes. He is experimenting with bringing out the good and bad inner parts of man. Ultimately he is looking to create a race of superhumans. He has been kidnapping wrestlers and injecting them with his serum. So far all he has done is create werewolves.

Now that Blue Demon is on the case, Carral decides to inject his minion El Sanguinario (Fernando Oses). Sanguinario is also a luchador and has a match with Blue Demon in the ring. Carral believes his superman can kill Blue Demon with his superior strength. During the match Sanguinario turns into a werewolf in front of everyone. When he is shot Carral decides that he must inject himself with his now revised formula to prove that it works.

“Blue Demon: El Demonio Azul” was released in 1965 and was directed by Chano Urueta. It is a Mexican horror movie and a luchador film. This is the second movie where Blue Demon is credited and the first of his many starring roles. The first was “La furia del ring” 1961. The film is difficult to find, especially with subtitles in English. The quality of the film is rather scratchy and dull but it is all there is.

There are three chapters to the film. Episode 1 is not titled. Episode 2 is “el aullido macabre” or “The Morbid Howl”, episode 3 is “La furia de la bestia” or “The Fury of the Beast”. A lot of Mexican films were done in an episodic arrangement. Supposedly it had something to do with the Mexican film unions. Episodic programs were covered under the union where laborers were paid less than if you were doing a full movie.

The music score is actually pretty decent and the beginning credits have an eerie shimmering effect that adds a nice touch. The werewolf is wonderfully bad. In the film Blue Demon is both a luchador and a sort of super hero. Despite the low budget the movie is nicely spooky, atmospheric, and fun.

Fernando Oses plays El Sanguinario. He wrote the story for the film, as well as all of the Blue Demon films and many of the Santo films.