An unusual storm the night before and the finding of a silver luchador mask remind Mr. Anselmo about an event that happened years ago. He tells his young fishing buddy about strange occurrences that happened in the Bermuda triangle when boats and planes went missing. At that time his friend Santo was in Bermuda with Blue Demon and Mil Mascaras. They were participating in a series of wrestling matches. Anselmo had been out on his boat when a freak storm came up. He sent a message over his short wave radio asking for help. Santo happens to be listening and hears his friend’s SOS. Santo, Blue Demon and Mils race out and rescue Anselmo from the sea. During the storm a small aircraft disappeared with some scientists on board.

Around the same time the three luchadores are asked to guard the life of Princess Sobeda (Gaynor Kote) who is coming to sign a secret alliance between her country of Irania and Mexico. Word of the meeting has leaked out so as cover she is also going to participate in a demonstration of karate. Another young woman will be pretending to be the princess. An evil agent for a foreign country, Godard (Carlos Suarez), arranges for the luchadores to meet three beautiful women that work for him. He tells the girls that he wants to kidnap the princess and demand a ransom for her. In reality he wants to kill her and mess up the treaty. He kills the fake princess thinking she is the real one.

One of the girls that Godard hired, Rina (Silvia Manriquez), has infiltrated the spy ring because she believes Godard may be responsible for her father’s disappearance in the area of the triangle. Her father is a scientist and many countries are interested in his discoveries. She asks Santo for help finding him. He agrees to do what he can. Later Godard sends his goons to attack the luchadores. While the men are fighting two men dressed in silver suddenly appear out of nowhere and kidnap Rina. They disappear during a storm in the area of the triangle. Godard is worried about Rina’s disappearance and if she’ll talk, but he is still determined to prevent the signing of the treaty.

“Mystery in the Bermuda Triangle” AKA “Misterio en las Bermudas” was released in 1979 and was directed by Gilberto Martinez Solares. It is a science fiction luchador movie.

This is a “three fer” movie where you get, not only Santo but Blue Demon and Mil Mascaras as well. This will be the final team up of Santo with Blue Demon as well as Blue Demon’s last film. What you don’t get is a lot of ring fights. There’s only one in the beginning to lay some ground work to provide a reason why there are luchadores in the film. That’s not really surprising since by now Santo is about sixty. Although he and his partners still manage to beat up a lot of bad guys.

The movie is told in flashback and there are two plots that are only connected transiently. One is concerning the disappearances in the Bermuda Triangle and the other deals with the evil “foreign” government trying to stop a treaty between two other governments. The thread that ties them together is Rina.

Some of the later luchador films tried to be more sophisticated by taking out most of the ring fights and some of the camp. They tried to play the stories seriously as if three guys wearing shiny masks was an everyday thing. It doesn’t really make the movies more intelligent or dramatic and it does take away some of the charm and fun of the earlier films. Even the music score tries to be more high-brow but it really just sounds more like canned western music than an actual score done for the film. The main saving grace for the movie is the ending. There is a bit of a twist and turn to it that was actually really good.