After the supposed death of arch villain Dr. Caronte, Professor Thomas (Jack Taylor) decides to reconstruct his neutron bomb. He discusses his plans with Carlos Marquez (Wolf Ruvinskis), Jaime Yanez (Julio Aleman) and Mario Nunez (Armando Silvestre). Outside the window, listening in, is a henchman, Tony (Manuel Vergara Manver), for Guillermo Lezman (Guillermo Alvarez Bianchi). Lezman is after the formula for the neutron bomb for an undisclosed foreign government.

Lezman sends Tony and a couple more goons to beat up the professor and steal the formula. Before they have a chance to get away they are stopped by the superhero, Neutron (Wolf Ruvinskis). Neutron captures one of the men and questions him while the professor calls Inspector Lozano (Rodolfo Landa). The prisoner spills the beans about Lezman but reneges the next day. The police have no choice but to let Lezman go.

That evening Lezman is confronted by Dr. Caronte. Lezman gets the upper hand and unmasks Caronte. Caronte mentally summons his death robot zombies to free him from the henchman. When he returns to kill Lezman, the evil villain threatens to expose the secret of who Caronte really is. Lezman left a letter with an attorney with instructions to open it if something happened to him. Caronte kills Lezman's henchmen instead.

Eventually Lezman decides to expose Caronte and ends up getting killed for it, in a rather nasty way. Using the ancient magic of Merlin, Caronte transfers his spirit to someone else’s body so he can go on creating his neutron bomb and wreaking havoc.

“Neutron vs the Amazing Dr. Caronte” AKA “Neutron contra el doctor Caronte” was released in 1963 and was directed by Federico Curiel. It is a Mexican science fiction and luchador film and the third in a series based on Neutron fighting the evil Dr. Caronte.

Ruvinskis did five Neutron movies. Three of them were in a battle against Dr. Caronte. The three films were “Neutron contra el doctor Caronte” or “Neutron vs the Amazing Dr. Caronte” 1963, “Los automatas de la muerte” or “Neutron vs the Death Robots” 1962, and “Neutron el Enmascarado Negro” or “Neutron, the Man in the Black Mask” 1960.

Technically the movie picks up right after Caronte is killed for the second time. No information is given as to how Caronte managed to live but it doesn’t matter since there are a few leaps of logic in the movie anyway. With two bad guys running around one of them must take center state. Lezman is slightly more evil than Caronte and seems to make the diabolical mastermind that lasted for three movies and came back from the dead, look rather pitiful and emasculated. The robot zombies aren’t as front and center as they were in the previous film and neither is Neutron. Neutron's sidekick, Nick, the uncredited dwarf, gets more screen time than Neutron.

The plot of the film is basically all over the place and continuity wasn’t foremost in either the writer’s or the director’s mind so editing follows suit. It doesn’t really matter that this movie doesn’t mesh with the previous ones or that the scenes don’t always flow, the movie is a silly hoot and fun.