When her father dies, Sofia Garza is comforted by her friend Isabella. Her father was the Viceroy de la Garza. Three hundred years ago he made a pact with the devil for the treasure of the conquistadors, but did not keep it. He used magic to thwart the devil’s will. Since then the soul of the Viceroy was passed down through the men of the Garza family until now.

Sofia is the first female relative to be born. As such she cannot accept the soul of her father, or in reality, the soul of the original Viceroy. This gives the devil a chance to take revenge. Sofia will inherit her father’s wealth but, according to the Viceroy’s will, Sofia must first pass three trials or tests to get the fortune. If she refuses she dies and her father’s spirit cannot rest. If she cannot complete all three tests she dies, and once again, her father’s soul cannot rest. Sofia doesn’t want the treasure because it has a curse on it. To break the curse she vows that the treasure should go to the poor and the relatives of those that it rightfully belongs. Even if she passes the tests the devil plans on tempting Sofia into keeping the treasure thereby selling her soul.

The devil is not alone in his treachery. Isabella is in reality also 300 years old. She helped the Viceroy get the treasure but then he married Lady Fernanda. Sofia is the spitting image of Fernanda. Isabella wants to take revenge as well. In league with her is Baron de Brunicelli. He was the Viceroy’s majordomo. He was accused of treason and was buried in the mansion now known as the Mansion of the 7 mummies. Isabella Cantarilla, his spurned lover, is also buried there. In order to try to help his daughter, the Viceroy’s soul inhabits a deformed, mute gravedigger. Sofia is repulsed by the gravedigger and believes he is out to hurt her.

Sofia’s boyfriend Rodrigo sends her a telegram telling her he is coming to visit. He is also bringing two friends with him, the luchadores Blue Demon and Superzan. While Isabella tempts Rodrigo with treasure, Blue Demon and Superzan try to help Sofia in her three tests. In their way are seven mummies that guard the treasure of the conquistadores.

“La Mansion de las 7 Momias” AKA “The Mansion of the 7 Mummies” was released in 1977 and was directed by Rafael Lanuza. It is a Mexican horror movie and a luchador film. The movie was filmed in Antigua, Guatemala and features the Mexican wrestlers Blue Demon and Superzan.

One of the unusual things about this film is that there are no ring fights. That makes the movie more cohesive. The story is a little more involved than the normal luchador movie as well, and at times, may be a little harder to follow. You still get obnoxious comic relief by Manolin (Manuel Palacios Sierra), who I guess is some kind of delivery boy, and the cartoonish gold and red caped ring outfit worn by Superzan.

The story is actually interesting and the mummies are decent looking. The production values are not the best but the cinematography and the locations are good and add to the movie. With some good points and some bad points it ends up being closer to the standard horror movie fare than the usual Mexican incongruity. Not that I have a problem with Mexican horror movie flare. In fact I love it. Here, on the other hand, the only standard Mexican touch is the luchadores themselves.