Nothing like a good cup of tea in a crisis.

Apparently mankind’s greatest threat is a single woman! At least that’s what the DVD cover says for “Devil Girl from Mars”. This is a British film and it’s a strange combination of British soap opera and Sci-Fi dominatrix.

First we have, along with her robot Chani, a Martian woman (Nyah) who’s space ship sustained damage and landed on the moors near a Scottish inn and pub. Her mission is to capture Earth men to bring back to Mars for breeding purposes. On Mars the war of the sexes caused major devastation. The result was that women now dominate the planet and men are in short supply. Needing to make repairs to her ship before absconding with human men she puts a force field around the inn and pub so no one can escape.

Now the pub is full of an assortment of characters that would make any soap opera seem tame. We have a barmaid (Doris), in love with an escaped murderer (Albert), a reporter (Michael), a scientist (Professor), a movie star (Ellen), a young boy (Tommy) and of course the inn owners (Mr. and Mrs. Jamieson).

The special effects are typical for a movie from the 50’s. Chani the robot looks like an electric razor with a bubble light on top and arms made of tiny strung together flowerpots. (loved it) A lot of the movie is the mini skirted, leather clad Nyah bragging about how superior Martians are. As for the music there are a lot of violins between the pub patrons and a lot of timpani drums whenever Nyah’s, never blinking, countenance appears. The movie bounces around between sappy platitudes and dire threats. It’s basically a bipolar movie. As with the movie, for the most part people either love it or hate it. I thought that for a low budget “B” movie from the 50’s it was just average. More camp than horror. Watchable but it wouldn’t make my all time favorite list.