Attack of the zombie brains

This little British film takes place on an American military base in Canada. That trifecta has produced a great Science Fiction Horror movie. The movie stars Marshall Thompson as Major Cummings. But he’s not the star, the monsters are.

The premise is extremely far fetched but that’s what makes it so interesting. A nuclear reactor is being used by the airbase to amplify radar so that enemies can be spotted further away. Lately they have been experiencing a power fade every now and then. Unbeknownst to the military a near-by scientist is tapping into that power supply for his experiments. He is creating creatures from his own subconscious. These creatures escape and begin attacking people and sucking out their brains. They are getting smarter and they are everywhere.

The people who live around the base are not happy with the military. They start blaming them for everything from the cows not giving milk to the recent deaths in the area. The locals think it has to do with radiation fallout from the nuclear power plant.

The military wants to find out what is going on, but the local police and coroner are not being helpful. Finally an autopsy is done on two people who have died and they find out that the brain and spinal column have been sucked out through two holes in the back of the skull. Yuk. Once you see the monsters they are just as disturbing as they sound.

What scared me about this movie when I was a kid was the fact that, for so long, you could not see the creatures. Just hear them. They sounded like heart beats sloshing along. It was really yucky and really, really creepy.

I don’t know why more people aren’t aware of this little gem. It’s got everything you need in a monster movie. And the monsters are actually terrifying. And I mean before you see them. When you do get to them they look like brains with eye stalks and spinal cords that move along like inch worms. Also considering when the movie was made there is quite a bit of gore and grossness to the movie, especially when one of these things gets dispatched. Whether you shoot it or chop it the brain bursts and blood and matter come spilling out like squashed melons. Like I said, yuk.