Are you bothered by crabs?

Co-written by Ricou Browning from “Creature from the Black Lagoon” fame, this is your basic man made disaster creates giant monster movie. We have a two fer here. A scientist (Barry Nelson) is doing hormonal experiments on crabs and a nuclear power plant has a small accident. Did one or the other cause the monsters or was a combination of both the culprit? I don’t know.

Of course we don’t get to see the giant crab until the end. For most of the movie the crabs are regular size when they attack people. And there are a lot of them. It’s not exactly horrifying though since crabs walk sideways and it’s funny. They don’t come at you so much as they sort of sidle up next to you. Of course crabs are omnivores so they will eat you given the opportunity. We’ve all seen what was left of the girl on the beach in “Jaws”.

It started getting really lame when the dog was killed. That’s when the villagers brought out their pitchforks. I mean their guns. Of course they blamed it on the Haitians. I’m not sure why since there was absolutely no evidence they had anything to do with it. All’s well though. The mob got lost and went around in circles till they decided they were thirsty and headed for the bar.

Of course when the giant crab shows up it’s night time so you don’t get to see a lot. What you do see is decent, not a bad puppet really, but it was dark.

I’ve seen way worse. More funny than anything so if you’re looking for something bland but a little humorous you might want to give it a look see. Like I said I’ve seen much worse so I was kinda OK with it.

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