“We may have the key to the mystery of creation itself.”

Eddie (Richard Marion) is a sheep rancher in the Indian Flats Area of Nevada. One day he finds that one of his sheep has given birth to a large mutated sheep embryo. Professor Clemens (E. Kerrigan Prescott) takes the embryo and puts it into an incubator hoping to keep it alive. Dr. Clemens brings the embryo to his laboratory. He and his assistant, Mariposa (Karen Ingenthron), plan to study the embryo.

While doing research Dr. Clemens learns about a local legend of a monster that once roamed the area and information concerning a prehistoric animal. He also discovers that an old mine in the area gives off some strange Phosphorus vapors that may be the cause of the mutation. While the creature is in the incubator it begins to grow. In no time the embryo has morphed into an eight foot hybrid monster.

While this is happening, a man named Christopher Barnstable (Christopher Brooks) is trying to buy up all the mining rights in the area. Mayor Charles Silverdale (Stuart Lancaster) is not happy with that so he concocts an elaborate plan to get rid of him. During a town festival there is a shooting match in progress. One of the town’s people has his trick dog pretend to be shot in front of the town by Barnstable. They have a funeral for the not dead dog. This upsets everyone and they refuse to sell their rights. Then resident Philip Maldove (Steven Kent Browne) shoots himself in the arm and blames Barnstable. When a vigilante group tries to take justice into their own hands Barnstable escapes and hides at Dr. Clemens lab. When the vigilantes try to get him it wakes up the sheep monster. The monster escapes and runs around the countryside.

“The Godmonster of Indian Flats” was released in 1973. It was written and directed by Fredric Hobbs. The movie reminded me of “The Creeping Terror” only with a sheep. And like “The Creeping Terror” it’s just as stupid. “Godmonster” did have fewer deaths, but a lot more fist fights.

There are two main plots to the movie. The mutant sheep and the feud between Barnstable and Silverdale. Then there are various sub-plots. There’s a romance budding between Eddie and Mariposa. A past issue between Barnstable and Maldove. The sheriff wears his badge at all times, even on his undershirt. I think he runs the dump as well, but I’m not sure. It’s all confusing and pointless.

The monster itself doesn’t really do much and it doesn’t even escape until three quarters of the way through the movie so don’t expect a lot of sheep damage. As a matter of fact the sheep monster itself gets the worst of it. And why it was called a Godmonster is still a mystery to me. As monsters go it’s one of the strange ones. Its eight feet tall and it walks on two feet. Its two front feet don’t seem to work right. One is about two feet longer than the other and it swings around like a limp sock with a rock in it. Suffice it to say, the whole movie is like a pile of snakes. You can't tell the heads from the tails. Not exactly a horrible movie but definitely not a good one. I liked the stupid sheep. I hated everyone else in town and would have been more than happy if everybody died.