“Just think about it boys, coming and going at the same time.”

Dead naked guys are showing up all over town. Police Captain Peters (Cliff Osmond) is alarmed. The victims are all male and have died from extreme exhaustion do to sexual intercourse. The first victim was an employee for Brandt Research, a government research facility. Because of Brandt’s connection with the government, the State Department’s Office of Security sends Special Agent Neil Agar (William Smith) to investigate. The victim, John Grubowsky, was a bacteriologist at the facility. Neil starts his investigation with Julie Zorn (Victoria Vetri) Grubowsky’s co-worker. She tells him that many men at the facility are involved in sex games. He then interviews some of the male scientists that work at Brandt. With nothing to go on the bodies begin to pile up.

After 8 deaths in three days Captain Peters holds a town meeting. Brandt’s leading sex researcher, Dr. Henry Murger (Wright King) urges everyone in town to practice abstinence. He gets laughed at. He also hints at a theory but says no more about it. When Neil arranges a meeting to see Murger someone runs him over with a car.

Neil makes a leap of logic and begins to look at insect sexual patterns and mating habits. He visits Dr. Susan Harris (Anitra Ford) at her lab for more information. She works with Professor Charles Norstad who is away in Europe. Dr. Harris is acting head while he is gone. Neil finds that she is in the middle of an experiment and will only give him a few moments of her time. Once Neil leaves Dr. Harris returns to the experiment.

In the lab Harris and several other women are in the process of turning Mrs. Kline (Anna Aries) into a bee girl. Kline is zapped in the uterus with some kind of radiation beam, covered in a liquid marshmallow-like substance and swarmed by bees. Once the marshmallow dries it is pulled off. Another zap in the uterus with the radiation beam for good measure and voila. A bee girl. To celebrate all the other bee girls fondle their own breasts.

“Invasion of the Bee Girls” was released in 1973 and was directed by Denis Sander. If you like a little honeyed ham you have come to the right place. “Invasion” is basically very soft core porn with some tongue in cheek horror tossed in. Lots of boobs and buttocks shots. A silly plot, fake science and serious delivery make this camp film a cult favorite.

The film is in the public domain.

William Smith played mostly bad guys in westerns, biker movies, horror and science fiction. He has over 270 acting credits to his name. In 1942’s “The Ghost of Frankenstein” he played a village boy. He was a body builder, actor, stunt man, amateur boxer, lifeguard and wildfire fighter. He competed in downhill skiing, motocross and studied Kung Fu. A descendent of Kit Carson and Daniel Boone, he was the last Marlboro Man.

Victoria Vetri was a playboy model in 1967 and 1968 using the name Angela Dorian. She is also noted for playing Sanna in “When Dinosaurs Ruled The Earth”. In 1986 she married Bruce Rathgeb. She pled no contest to a charge of attempted involuntary manslaughter for attempting to kill her husband in 2010. She was sentenced to nine years in prison.