Even I was disappointed with this one.

Scientists working at a secret government facility, (when are they not working at a secret government facility) are playing around with genetic engineering. The first thing they want to make is of course a dinosaur. What kind of dinosaur? A T-Rex naturally. It’s their big ticket to the big bucks. Of course with DNA of any kind you're playing with fire and these guys haven’t thought out all the possibilities. Mr. big teeth escapes the research facility and goes on a romp into the countryside.

A team of deadly mercenaries are hired to locate the creature so that the government can destroy it. Even if you have bad acting and lousy special effects, if you have a dinosaur you get a few points from me. That being said this is not really a dinosaur movie as much as it is an expose on the effects of combat on the human psyche and the indifference of government for human life. Heavy right?

“Jurassic Predator”, AKA “Primeval Predator” was produced in 2018 by the UK and directed by Andrew Jones. This is a very low budget “B” movie. Do not confuse it with the big box office guys.

The dinosaur only appears a few times and only parts of it, and only for a few seconds. There is a lot of after the fact sausage intestines and blood but no actual attacks. Most of the movie concentrates on the mercenaries, who are ex-military, and on their foibles. Not my cup of tea but I did get to see the head of a rubber dinosaur that has a serious drooling problem.

Let’s face it, anything with a dinosaur in it is a rip off of “Jurassic Park” or at least people think it is. Even if the movie was made before Spielberg ever picked up a camera. In this case though you would be right. Regardless, I watch a dinosaur movie because it has a dinosaur in it. Most people may feel a little let down by this one. It all depends on your frame of mind when you watch it. I wasn’t expecting much. And that’s what I got. The movie was big on whiny mercenaries and short on dinosaur.