An oil company is drilling on an island in the middle of a lake. The drill goes deeper than it should. An explosion causes the lake bottom to open up and releases a megalodon. Two girls go wading into the lake and get eaten by the shark.

Then a small band of art thieves are crossing the lake, with a stolen painting, in a small row boat. The boat gets capsized by the shark and it eats one of the thieves. The head of the ring is Barb (Angela Parent). She is more deadly than the shark. She sends one of her crew back into the water to recover the painting that fell when the boat was capsized. He gets eaten. The remaining thieves are Barb, Rich (Duncan Milloy) and Doug (Phil Dukarsky).

Not long after that some students arrive at the lake. Jill (Emanuelle Carriere) is working on a school project concerning illegal drilling. Mike (Kyle Martellacci) is there because he likes Jill and Tia (Christine Emes) and Kristen (Celine Filion) are there to play in the sun and water. While crossing the lake in their small boat they too are attacked by the shark and end up in the water, with their boat sunk. Jill, Tia and Kristen end up on shore. Mike doesn’t make it.

The students and the thieves find each other. The thieves say they are tourists that got stranded on the island by the shark. While investigating the island they find Dr. Lincoln Grant (Jurgen Vollrath). Barb decides she’s had enough pretending and the bad guys pull out their guns. With a valuable painting at the bottom of the lake, and a killer shark in the water, Barb decides that one by one she will send her captives into the water to retrieve the painting until someone succeeds.

“Jurassic Shark” AKA “Attack of the Jurassic Shark” was released in 2012 and was directed by Brett Kelly. The film is a Canadian production. The movie is labeled as having a run time of 75 minutes. In actuality the movie is only about 65 minutes tops, but it has about 10 minutes of ending credits, plus a product placement.

The CGI was bad, the acting was bad, the dialogue was bad, the sound was bad and the cinematography was bad. The only good thing about the movie is it has a shark. Not really a great shark either, at least what you saw of it. I’m not sure how much screen time the shark got but I believe the product placement may have had more.

I spent a good portion of the movie trying to figure out if it was meant to be a parody or not. I came to the conclusion that it didn’t matter. It was ridiculous, but it was short. Have I seen worse? Yes, I have. Is there anything good about it? Well, if you believe it was a parody you could find some amusement in it. If you are looking for a killer shark movie with lots of shark action, this is not it. Horror, as well as lame humor, is in the eye of the beholder.