A “conspiracy of Ravens”

In a small town a conspiracy of ravens begins to attack people. The town sheriff (Sean Patrick Flanery), on the last day of his job before moving to the city, is tasked with finding out what is causing them to kill and eat people. And how to stop it. A Mennonite community living near by may hold the secret to the birds’ strange behavior.

Ravens are a large black bird. Larger than crows. And ravens themselves are smart. Wicked smart. They are known to work in pairs and raid nests of not only eggs but chicks as well. While one distracts, the other raids. They have been seen waiting in trees when ewes give birth. Then they attack the new born lambs. When they find a carcass they will call other ravens to it. That way their shear numbers will force out anything else that is after their “prize”. If you live in an area where they frequent you are aware of what they can do. They are devious predators.

These ravens are more than just smart. They are infected by a form of mad cow disease that makes them unafraid of people. When you have no fear of any consequences to your actions you will do things you normally don't do. Although ravens are carnivorous they prefer weak prey and usually don't attack creatures that are bigger than them. These ravens have forgotten that. The disease infecting their brains has removed their inhibitions but not their intelligence or the ability to communicate with each other. En masse they are worse than any rampaging animal as they can come at you from all sides at the same time.

"Kaw" was released in 2007 and was directed by Sheldon Wilson. The movie was ominous and eerie. There is much gore and one dog is attacked and killed by the ravens in this suspenseful Hitchcockian tail of nature gone wild. Rod Taylor who starred in “The Birds” plays the doctor of this small town.

I actually think this movie was well done. Especially when you note that it is a “B” movie on the SYFY channel. The acting was good. The CGI effects for the most part were good and blended with actual Ravens. There are a few standard plot situations but that’s part of the “B” movie recipe. It’s not the birds, but it is decent.