The A stands for atom, and atom stands for power

An organization called the OSI or the Office of Scientific Information is in charge of investigating unusual scientific phenomenon. The operatives are called A-men. Two agents, Dr. Jeffrey Stewart (Richard Carlson) and Dr. Dan Forbes (King Donovan), are sent to a department store where all of the metal has been magnetized. In the office above the store they find radiation. They trace the residual radiation to a scientist, Howard Denker (Leonard Mudie), who has created a new isotope. Eventually Denker is found dying of radiation poisoning on an airplane.

The monster in this movie is a radioactive isotope that eats energy. Before he dies Denker informs the scientists that his little isotope has taken on a life of its own. The new element, named “Serranium” will double in size every 11 hours. If they do not find a way to stop it and destroy it the element will grow big enough to send the Earth out of its orbit.

"The Magnetic Monster" was released in 1953 and was directed by Curt Siodmak and Herbert L. Strock. This one is a little freaky but fun. A scientific thriller it plays like a dragnet episode narrated by Richard Carlson. It also gave me a little “1984” vibe. I’m not sure why. It’s just something about entities being labeled “The Office of”, like The Office of Scientific Information and The Office of Power and Light. Could be just me.

Anyway the dialogue has lots of fancy words that sound scientific but aren’t real words. For example the computer they use to analyze anything is called The MANIAC or "Mathematical Analyzer Numerical Integrator And Computer". But since the plot is so bizarre you might as well go along with the science mumbo jumbo. It adds to the intense feel of the movie as well as the camp.

This is one of three low budget movies produced by Ivan Tors that features the OSI organization. The other two being “Riders to the Stars” and “Gog”. Stock footage for the ending was taken from the German movie “Gold” that was made in 1934 as well as other standard stock footage used here and there. I actually enjoyed that part. I thought it was done quite well.