It's summer in Beaver Mills, Alaska. The town is located north of the Arctic Circle. The sun will not set until after the summer solstice. The town celebrates every year. Preparations are under way for the festival. The polar ice caps are melting. This year more than normal. A fisherman near the ice caps cuts his hand. A drop of blood from the cut falls into the water that covers the Wyvern and resurrects it. A Wyvern is an ancient flying dragon demon from Nordic folklore. The Wyvern kills the fisherman.

One by one the town's people are attacked. At first it is those on the outskirts of town. The Wyvern is working its way in. The Colonel (Don S. Davis) sees the Wyvern and tries to warn the town. The Colonel has seen aliens before. No one believes him. At least not until it flies through downtown taking out a deputy.

People take shelter wherever they can. The Wyvern is smart. It takes out power and communications to the town. One by one the towns people fall. Jake (Nick Chinlund) is a handyman. Claire (Erin Karpluk) is a waitress at the local café. They track the dragon into the woods. They make an attempt to get help from the outside world. The Wyvern has systematically attacked and killed anyone trying to escape the area. A road block of smashed cars and dead bodies cover the roadway. Nick and Claire are turned back. The Wyvern will not anyone leave.

"Wyvern: maneater series" was released in 2009 and was directed by Jason Bourque. The Sy Fy channel has taken up the gauntlet when it comes to the “B” movie. Especially the Maneater series. I’m not sure what people expected of this movie but it seems they either loved it or hated it. People who expected a solid plot development, well rounded characters and deeply moving dialogue were sorely disappointed and hated it. People who love monsters and horror and blood and that don’t care about plots and subplots and character motivations or any of those non “B” movie features loved it. When it comes to monster movies I am of the latter persuasion.

The scenery is gorgeous. The music is great. The action is good. The acting is also good with some veteran character actors mixed in. The special effects are good as well, especially for a “B” movie. And as most horror movies should, there is a fair amount of blood and gore.