Ray Brady (Casper Van Dien) is an alcoholic captain that owns a fishing boat. When a funeral service on the boat is interrupted by Sharktopus and a couple of the mourners are killed, Brady gets drunk. His ex-girlfriend is Police Inspector Nita Morales (Akari Endo). He tries to tell her that it was Sharktopus that attacked and killed the mourners. At first she doesn’t believe him but when two women are killed by the creature in front of her, she comes around.

A voodoo priest named Francois Tiny (Tony Almont) bails Brady out of jail and has him and his first mate Pablo (Jorge Eduardo de los Santos) brought to him. Tiny wants Brady to bring him the heart of Sharktopus. Brady, Pablo and Nita set off to find the beast.

In the meantime Dr. Elsa Reinhart (Catherine Oxenberg), with the worst German accent I’ve ever heard, is a scientist that is obsessed with creating a superhuman. When a washed out ball player named Felix Rosa (Mario Arturo Hernandez) comes to her looking to get back his mojo, Reinhart believes she may have a good test subject for her experiment.

Reinhart had studied with the creator of Sharktopus, Nathan Sands, and the creator of Pteracuda, Rico Symes. Reinhart, who is also into mix and match gene splicing, puts together the genes of a killer whale and a wolf. She then injects them into Rosa along with some Frankenstein style pyrotechnics. The result is Whalewolf.

Whalewolf is sort of an outdoor pet and loves to romp around the bay eating people. When Whalewolf and Sharktopus discover each other nature takes over.

“Sharktopus vs Whalewolf” was released in 2015 and was directed by Kevin O’Neill. The movie is a SYFY channel feature and is the third film in the “Sharktopus” franchise. It is a Roger Corman production. This movie has never had a DVD release in the US.

I love stupid campy movies but I have to say that this one pretty much jumped the Sharktopus. Although I do have to say that the Whalewolf was a little on the adorable side, but with a lot of teeth. Kinda like having a 500 pound puppy.

Even though Sharktopus opens the movie, he isn’t seen much until quite later in the film. Most of the movie concentrates on Whalewolf. For the most part that’s OK since Whalewolf is the cutest Whalewolf I’ve ever seen, but I am also a fan of Sharktopus and would have liked to have seen a little more of him as well since he is first billed.

The film isn’t a horror movie. It is a gore movie. It is also a black comedy. It starts with a widow getting eaten by a Sharktopus. From there it gets even campier. Oxenberg is over the top and Van Dien is, well, stupid. The movie is played for laughs which I sometimes have a problem with since there is a lot of crap that I don’t think is funny. I was hoping that it would be played straight and just organically be funny but it seemed more forced and I had trouble getting on board with a lot of it.

Still the CGI monsters were far more entertaining than the regular actors and that’s why I watch these things. A monster movie needs good monsters and this one has them. Don’t get me wrong, the integration of the CGI is crap but the monsters themselves were good.