Mad scientist Dr. Orlak (Carlos Agosti) has been experimenting on people trying to make a humanoid robot. His plans are to make an army of such robots. The purpose, world domination. So far his efforts have failed. He has already created a mechanical robot but the cost involved led him to try an alternative method of creating his robots. As of yet though only one of his humanoid robots has survived, however, it has devolved into a monster that he can barely control. He calls him Carfax (Gerardo Zepeda) and he is usually kept in a cage in the basement. Dr. Orlak’s assistant Waldo (Genaro Moreno) recommends that they kidnap someone brilliant and force them to help create the humanoid robot.

Gaby Reyna (Regina Torne) is a luchadora. Her uncle, Professor Reyna (Pascual Garcia Pena) is a brilliant scientist. Dr. Orlak decides that Gaby’s uncle, who is the foremost expert in anatomy, is perfect for his needs. Orlak is, in actuality, Professor Reyna’s assistant and does his mad scientist thing on the side. He sends his robot to the Professor's house to kidnap the scientist. Gaby is knocked unconscious by the robot and her uncle is taken away. Captain Arturo Campos (Joaquin Cordero) and his assistant Chava Lopez (Hector Lechuga) are assigned to the case. With Professor Reyna in his grip Orlak now looks for other prominent scientists sending his robot out to kidnap each one. When Professor Reyna refuses to help Dr. Orlak in his fiendish plans he is killed and replaced. Gaby vows revenge on whoever killed her uncle.

Dr. Orlak instructs his nerdlet of scientists to come up with a way to create his swarm of human robots. They invent a device they call an acrilium bracelet. When it is placed on a human is turns the wearer into a mindless automaton. The human can then be controlled using a handheld wireless device. It is up to Gaby, her luchadora friend Gemma (Malu Reyes), Captain Campos and Chava to find and stop Dr. Orlak before he enslaves the world.

“Wrestling Women vs the Killer Robot” AKA “Las luchadoras vs el robot asesino” was released in 1969 and was directed by Rene Cardona. It is a Mexican science fiction and luchadora movie. The story was written by Alfredo Salazar. He is Abel Salazar’s brother. There was also an extended international version with nude scenes and some gore added called “El asesino loco y el sexo” or “Sex and the Mad Killer”. In it the nurse that is attacked by the human monster creature is raped before she is killed. In the regular version the rape scene is cut out. It seems that the sex version is difficult to find, if at all.

The robot is basically a guy wearing a silver head mask and sunglasses. A trench coat, fedora and gloves complete the ensemble. The film has been compared to “The Avengers” television show episode “Return of the Cybernauts” and the cybernaut in the show does look basically like the robot in “Wrestling Women”. The plots are similar in a lot of ways as well. The Avengers episode was first aired in February 1968 in the US and September 1967 in the UK so it is definitely possible that Alfredo did copy most of the episode’s plot.

There isn’t a lot of wrestling or fighting but since the story was stolen from a pretty good writer the movie ended up being a decent Mexican offering. The writer of the Avengers story was Philip Levene. He wrote about nineteen of the Avengers episodes.