Two alien women from the planet Sibila, Martesia (Elizabeth Campbell) and Eritrea (Maura Monti) land their spaceship near an amusement park. There is a ride at the park called To the Moon. The highlight is a large flying saucer type structure. The aliens replace the amusement ride with their flying saucer.

The next day several people board the saucer thinking they are on the amusement ride. The passengers are a large man (Guillermo Alvarez Bianchi), a woman named Rosa (Graciela Doring), her son, Rosa’s husband (Aaron Hernan), Silvia (Adriana Roel), her date Marcos Godoy (Rogelio Guerra), a mobster Tono (Raul Ramirez) and his two henchmen Beto (Jose Chavez Trowe) and Ramon (Enrique Ramirez).

Marcos’ friend Taquito (José Ángel Espinosa 'Ferrusquilla) sees the ship take off with his friend and the others aboard. He races to Silvia’s boss Daniel Wolf (William Murray). Wolf is a scientist. Wolf uses a tracking device to follow the movements of the spaceship. He sees that the ship has landed on Sibila. Wolf has a rocket prepared to follow the group but it will be several days before it is ready.

Back on Sibila the travelers must wear a sunshield to go from the spaceship to the palace. Sibila does not have nighttime and the sun is far more intense then it is on Earth. If they don’t wear the shields they will go blind in a few minutes. At the palace they meet the evil queen Adastrea (Lorena Velazquez) and her good twin Albunia (Lorena Velazquez). When one of the henchmen tries to attack the queen he gets zapped and dies. The others are shown to various bedrooms and are told to stay there. There are monitors in all the rooms.

The queen wants to use the Earth people to experiment on. She first experiments with the dead goon. Since the Sibilians can’t breathe on Earth for longer than a day they want to use the lungs of the Earthlings to create adapters so they can breathe on Earth. When they find out that the lungs of adults are too old to last more than a few days the aliens decide they need the lungs of children to be able to stay on Earth. Adastrea plans on getting rid of the adults and just keeping the children. Her twin sister Albunia decides that she needs to help the Earth people to thwart Adastrea’s plans.

“El Planeta de las Mujeres Invasoras” AKA “Planet of the Female Invaders” was released in 1966 and was directed by Alfredo B. Crevenna. It is a low budget Mexican science fiction movie. Crevenna was a German born director and writer. He did quite a few Mexican horror and science fiction films.

For a sixties science fiction movie it is your basic alien planet inhabited by only women story. It’s actually not that much different from “Queen of Outer Space” 1959 or “Cat Women of the Moon” 1958 or any of the other half dozen hot women in leotards movies that were plastered across the screens during the fifties and sixties. It may be a little late in the running but it certainly has all the standard campy tropes required for sexy aliens wanting to invade Earth. If you’re a fan of interplanetary showgirls with spears then you’ve come to the right place.

It also has some of the best scream queens that Mexico has to offer. Lorena Velazquez, Maura Monti and Elizabeth Campbell can all be seen in various science fiction, horror and luchador films.

Unfortunately whoever did the subtitles for this film didn’t have English as their primary language. It’s really bad. The movie is still fun and easy to watch just be a little tolerant of the translations.