A group of archaeologists discover an Aztec codex that leads to a mummy breastplate. The breastplate, when deciphered, leads to an Aztec treasure. A group of thugs called the Black Dragon gang have managed to get a hold of half the codex. The other have is in the hands of one of the archaeologists. The leader of the Black Dragons AKA Prince Fujiyata (Ramon Bugarini) kidnaps and tortures each of the archaeologists to find out which one has the other half of the codex.

Dr. Miguel Sorva (Julian de Meriche) shows up at the wrestling arena looking for Armando Rios AKA Mike Henderson (Armando Silvestre). He tells him that his uncle, Dr. Luis Trelles AKA Professor Luis Tracy (Victor Valazquez) wants to see him. With Mike are his fiancé Loreta Gloria Venus (Lorena Velaquez), her wrestling partner Golden Rubi (Elizabeth Campbell) and Mike’s friend Chucho Gomez AKA Tommy (Chucho Salinas). Dr. Sorva explains to them that the leader of the Black Dragons is after him and Tracy and that he doesn’t have the codex that the gang is after. At that moment one of the Dragons throws a poison dart and kills Sorva.

When the gang gets to Tracy’s house the daughter of one of the archaeologists is with him. Chela AKA Charlotte (Maria Eugenia San Martin) has been staying with Tracy since her father was murdered. Tracy’s idea is to divide the part of the codex he has and have three of the gang each hold a section so it is harder for the Black Dragons to get all the pieces. Tracy says he will send three of them their part of the codex but they won’t know when or where. Mike suggests that until things are safe that they all stay together in Tracy’s house. Umm. Three parts of the codex split among three people but they are all living together. Good plan.

Dr. Tracy secretly heads off to send the three parts of the codex using a really intricate plan. In the meantime Mao (Jesus Murcielago Velazquez), the lead Dragon henchman, kidnaps Charlotte. The Head Dragon injects Charlotte with a serum that turns her into his slave. He sends her back to Tracy’s house. Tracy’s codex instructions begin to arrive at the house. All his plans are for nothing because head Dragon has a hidden camera in the house and he sees and hears everything that is going on. He manages to get two of the three pieces from the gang. When Mike threatens to burn up the third part of the codex the head of the Dragons proposes a solution. A match between his two judo master sisters against Gloria Venus and Golden Rubi, winner takes all.

“The Wrestling Women vs the Aztec Mummy” AKA “Las Luchadoras contra la momia” was released in 1964 and was directed by Rene Cardona. It is a Mexican female wrestling horror movie and is one of the films dubbed and released in the U.S. by K. Gordon Murray. Murray also changed a lot of the character’s names to make them more Americanized.

There were a whole bunch of movies with Aztec mummies in them. Some of the stock footage in the film came from other Aztec movies and are used as stock footage for future Aztec movies. Unlike the luchador films the luchadoras used stunt doubles to do a lot of their wrestling. In many of the shots it’s easy to see that the fighter is someone with a completely different stature in a wig.

The mummy itself is pretty good but it doesn’t show up until the last eighteen minutes of the movie. This mummy can change into a bat, a spider or anything it wants to which is different than most mummies. The way they do it in the movie is a little lame but it’s really low budget so it is what it is. The sound the mummy makes is kinda strange too, almost like the inhale side of a snore. From the movie I’ve learned that Mexican mummies only walk at night. At dawn they must return to their sarcophagus. Their power comes from their eyes so if you put a sack over their heads you can pretty much handle them. Understandably they are also afraid of fire and they can change into any animal they want, whenever they want. Mexican mummies are cool.

The film is OK but not as much fun as some of the other Mexican wrestling movies I’ve seen. There are two ring wrestling scenes in the film. The second one lasts forever. There are several Luchadoras movies. This one is the second in the series and is basically a sequel to “Doctor Doom” 1963.