One civilian dead for every 10 terrorists. That’s an acceptable ratio.

This is really one of the coolest movies. Daniel Stern, Roy Scheider, Warren Oates, Candy Clark, Malcolm McDowell, the list goes on. They are all great.

Frank Murphy (Roy Scheider) is an ex-Vietnam helicopter pilot who suffers from occasional flashbacks and now works for LAPD’s Astro division. While on helicopter patrol with his new partner Richard Lymangood (Daniel Stern), Councilwoman McNealy is attacked at her home. She is on a taskforce about urban violence. She eventually dies from her wounds. Later Murphy goes to her home and finds a piece of paper with the word THOR on it.

Blue Thunder is a top of the line, specially made proto type helicopter. It’s made for the police, but it is armed for terrorism and riots. Office Murphy is assigned to test it. The department wants to know that the police can handle it. Murphy has a history with the project pilot Col Cochrane (Roddy McDowell). In the air Murphy is following Cochrane. He is unaware that Cochrane sabotaged his helicopter. Murphy’s helicopter crashes but he comes out alive.

Murphy begins to think there is something more to the Blue Thunder program than they’ve told him. Lymangood is searching the computer when he sees the word THOR. Tactical Helicopter Offensive Response. While on their test flight with Blue Thunder they see Cochrane leave in a hurry. They follow him with the helicopter and eavesdrop on his conversation recording it. Cochrane and some others are trying to stir up trouble in the Barrio to justify the use of Blue Thunder. And they assassinated the councilwoman when she got too close. Cochrane sees Blue Thunder outside the window. Oh Boy. Now the race is on. Murphy needs to make sure the tape of the conspiracy gets to the media before they kill him.

Full of action “Blue Thunder” is a wild ride. And Candy Clark as Murphy’s girlfriend Kate is absolutely insane. But in a good way. You like helicopters? You like missiles? You like action flicks? You like machine guns? You like bad-ass soccer moms in nasty Vegas? You like Bar-B-Que? This is the movie for you.