Belvera and her robotic dragon Garugaru sneak into a temple and break into a box containing three triangle shaped jewels labeled wisdom, courage and love. They are part of the Elias triangle which holds the secret power that protects them from disaster. Her sisters Moll and Lora show up wanting to know what she is up to. When Belvera tries to fly off with the jewels Fairy Mothra causes her to drop two of them, courage and wisdom. The jewels fit into indentations on the princesses’ swords but each sword has a specific jewel. Moll’s sword holds the wisdom jewel. The courage jewel doesn’t fit Lora’s sword so Moll determines that it should fit Belvera’s. Belvera’s parting comment was a reference to the King of Terror coming.

Shortly after that a meteorite crashes into the Earth. King Ghidorah is released from the meteorite. When he flies over the land children begin to disappear. King Ghidorah traps the children in an organic dome. The princesses Moll and Lora call on Mothra to help. Belvera ends up getting captured by King Ghidorah and is sucked into the dome.

In the meantime a boy named Shota goes to the forest to see where the meteorite landed. While there he encounters the princesses riding Fairy Mothra. In a battle with King Ghidorah Mothra is defeated. Before King Ghidorah leaves he puts a spell on Lora. She attacks Moll trying to take them both into the dome. Moll gets away but Lora ends up in the dome battling Belvera.

Mothra realizes that the only way to defeat King Ghidorah is to go back in time to when King Ghidorah first landed on Earth. Back to the time of the dinosaurs before King Ghidorah destroyed them 65 million years ago.

“Rebirth of Mothra III” was released in 1998 and was directed by Okihiro Yoneda. It is the third and final film in the Mothra trilogy.

In this film, King Ghidorah became the first and so far only Kaiju to make his debut in the Godzilla series and later appear in a film without Godzilla. Like in the other two Rebirth of Mothra movies the Mothra is a male Kaiju referred to as Leo Mothra.

There are several Mothra’s in the film. The first is the Rainbow Mothra who fights King Ghidorah in the present time. The second is the Light Speed Mothra that fights the young King Ghidorah in the age of the dinosaurs. When they hibernating Mothra from the past emerges from his cocoon it is an armor plated Mothra. When it sheds its armor it becomes Eternal Mothra. Likewise there are two King Ghidorahs, the present day King Ghidorah and the Cretaceous King Ghidorah.

This is my favorite Mothra movie. Leo Mothra is sharp looking and King Ghidorah is spectacular. The dinosaurs from the cretaceous period are stupid. The dinosaurs from Roger Corman's "Carnosaur" are better. It doesn’t matter. I loved them anyway.

It’s an interesting take on the time travel movie. The special effects are good for the most part. Yes, of course, except for the dinosaurs. There was also a good amount of action. Most of it happens in the forest or 65 million years ago so there aren’t as many destroyed cities as usual but the fights between Mothra and Ghidorah were fun. I enjoyed the film more than I thought I would.

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