What are blood monkeys?

Blood monkeys are a species of killer chimpanzees. Believing they are the missing link a brilliant but mad professor (F Murray Abraham), his psycho assistant Chenne (Prapimporn Kanjunda) and a bunch of young students venture into the jungles of Thailand to find them. Into their territory. What ensued was a lot of running and screaming. The students are used more as bait then researchers by the team of insane doctor and sadistic assistant. One by one they get picked off proving that humans are not the superior species.

It sounds good. The drawback is you don’t get to see much of the monkeys. The only good shot of them is the last few seconds of the movie. It’s mostly people running through the woods or being dragged through the dense foliage. It has a sort of lost footage feel.

I was more creeped out by the professor and the assistant than I was by the monkeys. In that way it seemed more of a psychological thriller than a horror movie. That’s fine if that’s the kind of movie you like, but if you prefer a lot of blood, guts and gore in your horror movies you may feel short changed.