This movie was so confusing. I don’t know what they were doing there. I don’t know what the creature was or why it was there. Where it (they) came from. None of it made sense. The editing was so choppy that it added nothing to the flow of the movie just more confusion. It started slow with no direction. Just a bunch of people who somehow ended up stuck in the middle of the desert. Everybody was accusing everyone else of everything from murder to stealing diamonds. I just couldn’t get into the movie itself.

I managed to figure out the monster is bugs and they can work together to make themselves into one big nasty looking monster. I’m not sure how our heroes figured out that there is a nest and where it is and that there is a queen somewhere that they need to kill. And what the heck is that giant brain thing?

To me the only good thing was the monster itself. Every time you saw it the thing was freakier than the last time. Considering the budget for this SYFY channel production the creature was done extremely well. I love a good monster movie but sorry I really couldn’t say that this was one of them. Don’t get me wrong, it may not have been a good monster movie but, yeah, it was defiantly a good monster.