“Your arm. I’ll take it and sew it back on at the laboratory.”

Two blobs of energy are looking for human bodies to inhabit. The energy forces descend on a man and a woman driving in a car. The car crashes and the energy blobs take over the bodies. The blob that entered the man’s body is called Hauron (Jason Jackson), the blob in the female body is Nadja (Katherine Victor). During the accident the man’s left arm is torn off.

Nadja sews it back on. Later when Hauron is scouting around the rocket launch site at Cape Canaveral he is attacked by dogs. They tear his arm off again and a guard pumps a bunch of rounds into his body but he flees. Before he was attacked Hauron managed to shoot down a rocket with a disruptor ray. The scientists are baffled.

Meanwhile, Tom Wright (Scott Peters) and Sally Markham (Linda Connell) are on a double date at lover’s lane with Bob (Gary Travis) and Shirley (Thelaine Williams). Tom and Sally both work at Cape Canaveral. Tom is puzzled by an unusual static on the radio. He and Sally search the area but find nothing. The next night they return to the area and search again. While Tom and Sally are searching Bob and Shirley are kidnapped. Using Bob as spare parts Nadja gives Hauron Bob’s arm and for some reason his chin. Bob dies. Bob and Sally are transmitted to the alien’s planet.

Tom and Sally find the alien’s cave but they are captured. While the aliens are getting Sally ready to send to their planet, and bitching at each other, Tom manages to escape. He runs off to summon the police and the military for help.

“The Cape Canaveral Monsters” was released in 1960 and was directed by Phil Tucker. The guy that brought you “Robot Monster” 1953. Some stock footage of US rocket launches are in attendance.

It’s basically your “B” movie crap. Everything about it is sub-par, which is normal. I was OK with the pseudoscience and the dopy script and the inept acting and the bad special effects and all the other bad movie requirements.

There was one thing that made me grit my teeth and roll my eyes. You have Tom and Sally trapped in a cave and stuck to a wall by an invisible force while two aliens from outer space prepare to send you to another planet. In the middle of this terrifying situation Tom proposes to Sally. She gets coy and smiles. Really?

**SPOILER: The one thing that absolutely tickled me was the unbelievably bizarre way the scientists managed to MacGyver their way out of their predicament using wallets, belts, table salt and litmus paper. Cool.**