“They’re fighting over their food.” “What food?” “Us.”

In 1948, a group of miners finds a gallery full of emeralds in a salt mine in Switzerland. As soon as they unearth this treasure they are attacked by giant black beetles. Only one of them survives.

In present day Switzerland a bunch of bad guys hire John Palmer (Christopher Atkins) to lead them down into an old mine. They tell Palmer that they are extreme adventurers but they are really looking for Emeralds. They’ve killed the owner of the land that the mine is on and threaten to kill Palmer’s family if he doesn’t help them.

Meanwhile Palmer’s son Miles (Stevie Mitchell), against orders, goes down into the mine himself. The daughter Emily (Chelan Simmons) turns out to be a whiny mess while Mom Samantha (Angela Featherstone), on the other hand, kicks ass.

“Caved in: Prehistoric Terror” was released in 2006 and was directed by Richard Pepin. It is a SYFY channel feature. There are many things wrong with the movie from the characters to the continuity. I won’t go into them. I’m sure you can make your own list. I really didn’t care about any of that. After all, we are talking made for TV so by now you should know everything from plot to script is going to be minimal.

I got this movie for the giant flesh eating bugs. I was encouraged when they ate a bunch of people even before the beginning credits started. They are pretty good looking. Again at least for a low budget SYFY channel movie. There are lots of them and they’re all different sizes. And they eat all the bad guys. I wasn’t expecting anything more than that. Although not a great movie it was certainly no worse than any other big ugly bug “B” movie and the bugs themselves were pretty cool. Not the best CGI but I was fine with them.