There has been a rash of major break-ins and thefts in the area. The culprits, Tony (Tony Kendall) and the mute Nick (Aldo Canti), are two men who dress in superhero outfits and steal from high profile targets. Their super suits are bullet proof and they use various gymnastic style techniques and tools to elude capture. They recently added another person to their team. Brad McCallum (Brad Harris). Their next job is to steal money from the embassy of a newly created country.

What Tony and Nick don’t know is that Brad is really an FBI agent and he wants the money to prove that the embassy is distributing counterfeit money. After the job Brad steals the money to give to the FBI. Tony and Nick steal it back. Brad tracks them down to the residence of a scientist named Professor Schwarz (Carlo Tamberlani). Professor Schwarz is the scientist that created the superhero outfits that Tony, Nick and now Brad, wear.

When the Professor finds out about the counterfeit money he tests it and finds out that it is radioactive. The Professor then tells them that he created the machine that the bad guys are using to make the money. He calls the machine the “Universal Reproducer”. He says that the machine was destroyed. He felt that the Reproducer was too dangerous should it fall into the wrong hands. The only person who knew anything about the Reproducer was his former partner Wilfred Gottlieb (Jochen Brockmann) but Gottlieb died in an accident.

Wilfred Gottlieb turns out to be alive and is now calling himself Golem. He faked his death and created a Universal Reproducer. He is now happily creating gold and money. He has his henchmen kidnap and his niece Zizi (Bettina Busch). Gottlieb tells Professor Schwarz that the reproducer can reproduce anything except people. Using a human in the reproducer results in an imperfect person which, when killed, ends up reduced to crystals. He needs the Professor to augment the machine so that human duplication works. Professor Schwarz refuses to help until Gottlieb threatens to kill Zizi. Now it is up to the Three Fantastic Supermen to come to the rescue. “Three Fantastic Supermen” was released in 1967 and was directed by Gianfranco Parolini. It is an Italian superhero adventure movie and a comedy. This is the first of the “Three Fantastic Supermen” movies in the franchise. The other films are “Three Supermen at Tokyo” 1968, “Three Supermen in the Jungle” 1970, “Supermen Against the Orient” 1973 and “The Three Supermen of the West” 1973.

The film is chock full of stunt work and gymnastics. The superheroes don’t have any real superpowers other than being able to flip around like tiddlywinks. Nick’s character, being a mute, can still giggle up a storm. He looks a lot like The Riddler from the Batman TV show. The movie is a lot of slapstick style antics. At no time does it take itself seriously. It’s Italian humor which is not exactly hi-brow and it may not be hilarious but it certainly was amusing. The fight scenes are choreographed decently and the stunt work is actually impressive, especially considering the movie is silly nonsense with a few quirky James Bond moments. The movie was actually entertaining. Ridiculous, but fun.

Tony Kendall’s real name is Luciano Stella. He is best known as the private eye Jo Louis Walker in the "Kommissar X" series. He appeared in well over 40 movies in giallos, spaghetti Westerns, and other genres. Brad Harris is an American actor and stuntman. He did some sword and sandal films and spaghetti westerns before transitioning to spy thrillers. Actor and stuntman Aldo Canti, also known as Nick Jordon, was a stuntman and sometimes actor. He reportedly was a thief with underworld ties to the Mafia. He was reportedly let out of jail just to appear in this film. In subsequent films Nick’s character was taken over by Italian stuntman and actor Sal Borgese. In the first film Borgese plays a Bazooka toting henchman.