In a secluded house near a secluded beach Doctor Monroe Lazaroff (G. Larry Butler) and his assistants, Dr. Ula Foranti (Alison Lees-Taylor) and Salisbury (Rich Knight) have spent six years creating a sea monster by mixing Black Mambo snake and barracuda DNA with human DNA. Their intent is to create an amphibious weapon for warfare to sell to a foreign country. The ultimate Navy Seal. The fish monster escapes into the ocean. Seeing all their work go down the drain Monroe, Ula and Salisbury head to Shellvania to dig up the body of Frankenstein’s monster. They are attacked by a werewolf that roars like a lion. Monroe shoots it with a gun he has loaded with silver bullets. Just in case. They pack up the Frankenstein monster and head back to the U.S. and the doctor’s hidden laboratory.

Photographer Bill Grant (William Winckler) along with hair and make-up experts Dezzirae Lee (Dezzi Rae Marshall) and Percy Featherstone (Gary Canavello) work for Harry Granville (George Lindsey JR.) at “Frisky Kitty Kat” magazine. They are assigned to do some cheesecake pictures of model Gabrielle (Tera Cooley) at Blood Cove Beach. When they see the sea creature they run in terror. The magazine editor doesn’t believe their story and sends them back to take more pictures. Since Gabrielle refuses to go he sends another model, Beula (Carla Harvey) instead. Once again the sea monster attacks but this time kills Beula. Bill, Dezzirae and Percy flee to a nearby house. It happens to be the house of Mad Dr. Monroe.

The three are held captive as Dr. Monroe revives and reconditions the Frankenstein monster to obey his commands. Dr. Monroe sends Monster out to destroy Sea Creature, who by now has killed a bunch of people. In a battle on the beach Sea Creature gets the best of Monster and goes back into the ocean. Monroe takes Monster back to the lab to refurbish him. Trouble arises when the Frankenstein monster falls in love with Dezzirae and starts killing people in his way, namely the shapely housekeeper Mimi (Mimma Mariucci) and Dr. Monroe's assistant Salisbury. Dr. Monroe believes he can fix Monster but he begins seeing the ghost of Victor Frankenstein. Everyone thinks he’s off his rocker, which he is. When the foreign agents arrive to take Monster away monster goes crazy and kills the agents. Then he runs amok down the beach and another show down with Sea Creature. Only one will come out alive.

“Frankenstein vs the Creature from Blood Cove” was released in 2005. It was written, directed and produced by William Winckler. Winckler also plays Bill Grant, the hero. The movie is a home grown black and white film and is an homage to the classic monster movies of the fifties. The film has never had a theatrical release but went straight to DVD. As far as Sea Creatures and Frankenstein Monsters go, I’ve see a lot worse. Even Dr. Monroe’s assistant Salisbury was creepy looking. There’s also some decent aquarium stock footage. Yes it’s amateurish and the acting is not all that great but all of that adds to the camp value.

There’s one scene where Monster crashes a strip bar, mid strip. Porn king Ron Jeremy has a cameo as one of the strip bar patrons. He has a few sleazy lines. During shooting of the beach scenes the crew had some issues. It appears they were shooting on an unofficial nude beach somewhere near Santa Barbara and nudists kept walking in and out of the scenes in the background.

The sexy bikini shots on the beach were understandable but the stripper show didn’t add anything to the film other than to keep people awake so that they’d watch the end. Speaking of stripping there is some nudity and a little swearing. I’m not sure how much nudity is really there. The editing is actually really good so you probably saw less than you think you saw. Granted the cheesecake has nothing to do with fifties horror movies but it looks like Winckler knew he needed something more to keep people from realizing how rudimentary the film really is. Even with the combination fifties low budget and borderline porn the film isn’t as bad as some movies I’ve seen that stuck to one genre. It’s not great but, once again, I’ve seen a lot worse.

Corey J. Marshall played the Sea Creature, the werewolf, the ghost of Victor Frankenstein and a guy in the strip club. Lawrence Furbish played Frankenstein’s Monster. Porn star Selena Silver played the stripper.