The Creeping Bath Mat

Our story takes place in the fictional Angel County California. An alien spaceship crashes in the willow creek area. On board are two slug-like creatures. One of the slugs escapes the craft and wanders out into the country. Sheriff's deputy, Martin Gordon (Vic Savage) and his wife Brett (Shannon O'Neil) are driving home. They meet Martin's uncle, sheriff Ben (Byrd Holland). Together they investigate a reported plane crash site. Once they get to the site they find an abandoned truck belonging to a forest ranger. They also find his hat and the alien ship. Thinking that the missing ranger might be inside, Ben crawls into the craft. Soon they hear loud screams and a growling type noise. At that point Martin radios for help.

Within the hour a "special unit" of military troops, commanded by Col. James Caldwell (John Caresio) shows up. Two of the troops enter the craft. Inside they find a carpet creature tied to the craft. The next day, "the world's leading authority on space emissions," Dr. Bradford (William Thourlby), arrives to take charge of the investigation.

In the meantime, the escaped carpet monster slithers around the countryside eating whomever it encounters. First up, a bikini clad girl. Next a housewife hanging laundry. Then, Grandpa Brown (Jack King) and his grandson Bobby (Pierre Kopp). A few picnickers at a "hootenanny". Nothing stops this barbarous Berber. Even smacking it with a guitar won’t stop this vicious wall to wall vermin. Then people at a dance hall are consumed. Sucked up into its vagina shaped maw. It’s amazing how many people in the sixties could not run. Even unsuspecting sweethearts at a lover’s lane are not spared. What can be done to stop this menace?

“The Creeping Terror” was released in 1964 and was directed, produced, and starred Vic Savage AKA, A.J. Nelson. It is probably my favorite crappy movie of all time. There’s nothing like a shag carpet monster. I laughed continuously through the entire abysmal film. OK, so the creeping terror is suppose to be a slug and not a giant, shag, man-eating carpet. Fine by me. I for one can not call it the worst film ever since it entertains me every time I watch it. And I have watched it several times. Granted the monster is so cumbersome that it can do little more than shuffle along and people practically have to feed themselves to the monster, it’s still lethal enough to have eaten well over a dozen people.

According to rumors, a more impressive looking monster was originally designed and built for the movie. However, only a few days before shooting was to begin, the monster was stolen. Pressed for time and out of money, director Vic Savage and his crew hastily threw together the infamous "pile of carpets" monster that appears in the film.

But the real story of “The Creeping Terror” concerns director A.J. Nelson, AKA Vic Savage. Many sources paint Savage/Nelson as a sleazebag. Not only did he mislead investors and exploit his crew, but he was physically abusive with his wife, whom he cheated on many times, he relentlessly stalked celebrities, including Mamie Van Doren and Lucille Ball, had run-ins with Mickey Cohen’s boys, accidentally shot Carl Switzer (Little Rascals’ Alfalfa), abused all sorts of drugs and alcohol, peddled child pornography, and that’s only some of his sordid history. Prior to the film's alleged release Savage/Nelson was repeatedly sued. Facing a possible indictment on charges of fraud, he vanished. Savage/Nelson was apparently never heard from again in the context of film production, and he reportedly died of liver failure in 1975 at age 41.

People talk about how bad “Plan 9 from Outer Space” was. At least Ed Wood loved film making and made them for the pure joy of it.


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