Crocodiles are the biggest reptiles on earth.

Rampaging 20 foot crocodile. Crocodile bounty hunter. Crazy locals looking to cash in on a reward. If you are looking for a campy cheesy horror movie you will get some of that but you may also get a few surprises.

"Croc" was released in 2007 and is part of the SYFY channel Maneater series. The movie was directed by Stewart Rafill. The film takes place in Thailand were a huge man-eating crocodile terrorizes locals and tourists alike. The croc was disturbed by a couple of locals who were dynamite fishing. The owners of a resort, the Konsong brothers Andy (Jibby Saetang) and Cao (Wasan Junsook), try to blame the owner of a crocodile farm, Jack McQuade (Peter Tuinstra), but none of his crocodiles are that big. Toss in a crocodile hunter with an attitude and an animal welfare investigator and you're off and running.

Yes you will get a bad guy who is looking to exploit a water front prime piece of property. You will also get the downtrodden accidental hero who is defending his way of life. You will also get a crusty crocodile hunter who has a score to settle with the big croc. You will get the chomping of people’s body parts with the requisite masses of blood. You will also get budding love interests and a really, really big crocodile.

However, if you’re not careful you will also get a seriously acted well made monster movie with decent special effects that keep to reality in regards to crocodiles and their behavior. This is not a genetically engineered or pollution induced freak of nature. This is a very large crocodile doing what a very large crocodile in a candy land of human snacks will do. So sit back, enjoy the movie, and along the way you could learn a few crocodile facts.