The other Dr. Who

In “Daleks Invasion Earth 2150 A.D.” Dr. Who (Peter Cushing), his niece Louise (Jill Curzon) and his granddaughter Susan (Roberta Tovey) are just about to travel into the future when a policeman, Tom Campbell (Bernard Cribbins) runs into the Tardis thinking it is a call box. They arrive in London in the year 2150 to find that it’s been destroyed by cosmic rays. The Daleks have invaded and are using humans as forced labor. The Daleks are changing them into Robomen and using them to hollow out the earth. The main objective of the Daleks is to turn the earth into a giant spaceship. Cool.

Dr. Who and Tom become separated from Louise and Susan. Dr. Who and Tom are captured and taken to the Dalek spaceship. They hatch a plan to escape and take down the Daleks. There is also a small resistance force trying to stop the Daleks. Louise and Susan are found by rebels. The rebels are also hatching a plan to attack the spaceship. Eventually The Doctor, Tom, Louise and Susan meet up at a tool shed near the mine where the Daleks are concentrated. A new plan is hatched to stop the Daleks, and free the slaves.

Peter Cushing played Dr. Who in two movies done in the 60’s. “Dr. Who and the Daleks” in 1965 and “Daleks Invasion Earth 2150 A.D” in 1966. Both movies were the first Dr. Who stories to be done in color. And this is the first time in the course of Who history where the character is referred to as Dr. Who and not the doctor. Cushing even calls himself Dr. Who. The movies were made to capitalize on the growing popularity of the Daleks and to possibly gain some traction in America.

Although Peter Cushing’s doctor is based on the First Doctor, his take on Dr. Who and William Hartnell’s take on the character are quite different. Cushing plays the doctor with more warmth. Perhaps more childish. A little silly at times. Why Cushing? Probably because his name was better known cinematically. As far as how the movies fit or don’t fit in with the serials. Theories abound. But since we are talking about a time traveler I’m sure someone can come up with a storyline that will tie it all in nicely.

Peter Cushing may be a different choice for Dr. Who but if you are a true Dr. Who fan and you love to hate Daleks, you will take your Dr. Who no matter how it comes to you.