Dam those sharks

With a name like “Dam Sharks” you know it’s going to be cheezy and campy. It is, and it’s stupid too. I’m OK with that. I came prepared. I’ve got my popcorn and I’ve got my glass of wine. I know it’s a cliché but this really is one of those so bad it’s good movies.

The plot is simple. A storm sends bull sharks up a river. Liking the new location they decide to create a home for themselves. One home improvement is to make a dam out of sticks and people. Fortunately for them this is a busy river and there are lots of building supplies swimming, fishing and tubing.

Fun facts: In actuality Bull sharks can live in both salt and fresh water and prefer shallow waters. Since they prefer coastal waters they are more likely to come in contact with people. They are territorial which makes them aggressive. That makes bull sharks the third most dangerous sharks to humans. Bull sharks have been seen in Lake Pontchartrain, the Mississippi River and the Potomac River. Since the babies are less tolerant to high salt water content they tend to give birth in coastal lagoons, estuaries with low salt contents and river mouths. Building dams with body parts however is a new one on me.

OK back to the serious business. Our heroes are Kate the Game Warden (Jessica Blackmore) and a cantankerous old survivalist named Carl (played brilliantly by Robert Craighead). It’s up to them to save the day and everyone on the river. Outside of them it appears that the sharks are smarter than the people. It’s funny but in a dumb way. It’s cool but in a stupid way. I loved it. If you liked “Sharknado” you might like this.