The MK-31 spaceship is sent on a mission to the Vega sector. The captain of the ship is Fred Hamilton (John Richardson). Hamilton is arrogant and has a problem taking orders from Earth’s supercomputer called “WIZ”. He and his crew have completed their assignments and are preparing to return to Earth for some R and R.

Suddenly they receive unusual radio signals from a near-by planet. Earth base orders them to investigate the signals. The MK-31 is attacked by alien space ships and goes out of control. Before the ship crashes it is suddenly stopped and is gently landed on the planet.

When Hamilton and his crew investigate the planet they run into a race of blue aliens. The aliens are under control of a robot that has taken over the planet. This caused the planet’s inhabitants to regress in intelligence. The computer needs some repair work and the aliens no longer have the capability to fix it. The computer wants Hamilton to repair its circuits. If he refuses, he and his crew will be killed. The crew of the MK-31 and the planet’s inhabitants must band together to destroy the computer before it can regain its strength.

“Cosmos: War of the Planets” AKA “War of the Planets” AKA “Cosmo 2000: Planet Without a Name” AKA “Cosmo 2000: Battaglie negli Spazie Stellari” AKA “Anno Zero: Guerra nello Spazio” AKA “Year Zero - War in Space” was released in 1977 and was directed by Alfonso Brescia. It is an Italian science fiction space opera film.

There are two Italian films that were titled “War of the Planets”. The first was done by Antonio Margheriti in 1966. The second was this movie. Although it did have other names depending on what country it was released in or what date it was released. It’s also sometimes confused with “Battle of the Stars” 1978, “War of the Robots” 1978 or “Star Odyssey” 1979, all of which Brescia also directed. That’s not surprising since a lot of the same props and costumes were used for all four films. In all of these films Director Brescia went by the name Al Bradly or Al Bradley. In addition, all of them were made to capitalize on the “Star Wars” 1977 craze.

The plot of the film doesn’t really get going until the spaceship reaches the unknown planet. Before that there are scenes added that add nothing to the movie other than some camp here and there.

Apparently people don’t have sex in the future and use a machine to reach orgasm. The man and woman lay on recliners with their heads near a globe that gives them a mental orgasm. Some of the crew spend a lot of time with the glowing globe. It’s a little reminiscent of Woody Allen’s Orgasmatron in “Sleeper” 1973 and Jane Fonda’s pills in “Barbarella” 1968. There’s also a point in the beginning where Hamilton slugs a superior officer and gets punished by being made captain of a spaceship.

I think a lot of Brescia’s movies take bits and pieces of other hit films and try incorporating them in his movies. The highlight of the film may be in finding the poached plot devises from other movies. It’s like finding Easter eggs. The rest of the time the movie is either boring or confusing.

The film’s only other claim to fame is that it starred John Richardson, who played Tumak in “One Million Years B.C.” 1966.