After a spaceship for the American multinational corporation NTI crashes into the space station Concorde, another ship is sent to find out what happened. The original ship had been sent to Saturn’s moon, Titan, as a research vessel. Researchers had discovered an alien laboratory on Titan. A creature from a container escaped and killed the researchers. The pilot of the ship was dead when it crashed into the space station.

Not knowing this at the time, NTI sends out another research ship, the Shenandoah, to Titan. The captain of the ship is Mike Davison (Stan Ivar). In charge of the expedition is David Perkins (Lyman Ward). The remaining crew members are Susan (Marie Laurin), Jon (Robert Jaffe), Dr. Wendy Oliver (Annette McCarthy), and Beth (Wendy Schaal). Also on board is security officer Melanie Bryce (Diane Salinger). When the Shenandoah reaches Titan they find that a ship from a competing company, the West German Richter Dynamics, is already there.

When the Shenandoah lands on the moon’s surface it breaks through the crust, into a cavern and becomes disabled. Several members of the crew work their way to the German ship. They find the crew is dead but they don’t know why. Then Susan is attacked by a creature. Susan’s boyfriend Jon freaks out and has to be sedated. The rest of the team goes back to the Shenandoah. When they get back to the American ship they find one of the West Germans, Hans Rudy Hofner (Klaus Kinski).

Hofner explains that he is the only survivor of his ship. He tells them that they brought one of the creatures aboard their ship thinking it was dead. Instead it was alive and it killed his fellow crewmates. The crew is suspicious of Hofner but there is nothing they can do about it.

What the crew doesn’t know is that the creatures are parasites that attach themselves to the dead humans and communicate with the parent creature. In effect the humans are zombies. It has taken over Susan and one by one it attacks the other crew members. With their numbers dwindling they need to come up with a way to destroy the creature before everyone is dead.

“Creature” was released in 1985 and was directed by William Malone. It is an American science fiction horror film. The movie was re-released in 2013 by director William Malone. The new release, now titled “The Titan Find”, was uncut and in widescreen format.

In one scene Kinski’s character gropes Diane Salinger's character. This was not in the script, but an adlib by Kinski. It appears that Kinski is nothing if not opportunistic. Kinski is one of the better parts of the film. He is equal parts creepy and insane. I would have like to have seen more of his crazy molester style. He steals the movie.

Many refer to the film as an “Alien” 1979 rip-off. What isn’t an “Alien” rip-off? First you have “Galaxy of Terror” 1981 as a rip-off of “Alien” and now “Creature”. It’s also said that “Alien” was a rip-off of “Planet of the Vampires” 1965 and “Planet of the Vampires” was a rip-off of “It! Terror from Beyond Space” 1958. What goes around comes around. I have a problem with comparing low budget “B” films to block buster movies. Of course the “block busters” are going to be shinier but that doesn’t mean the lower budget movies are bad.

I actually liked “Creature”. It was a decent lower budget science fiction horror film. The movie was a little dark but there was plenty of action, suspense and gore to go around.

The special effects crew for the film was the same that worked on “Aliens” 1986 a year later.