The new zombie movie.

David Poe is a film maker. He specializes in low budget “B” horror movies. He and a motley crew of friends and relatives have broken into an abandoned hospital to make their latest hit. With him are his two sisters Shelly and Nina, Paul the make-up guy, Eric the actor, Marcus the production assistant, and Chas the stoner cameraman. Topaz is a gopher for David. She returns from the store with supplies needed for the movie.

While wandering around the hospital Topaz finds what looks like a mad scientist lab with a huge black metal coffin. The face of it has strange markings. She calls the rest of the crew to show them what she found. David thinks it’s perfect for his movie. He convinces the others. They open the coffin and the body of Dr. Eibon falls out.

Shelly wants to call the cops. David wants to use the dead Dr. Eibon in his movie. Again David manages to talk the others into it. All except Shelly. They place the body in the coffin. Near by is what looks like a circular key type thing. While cameras are rolling David has Eric place the talisman in what looks like a round key-hole. Eric turns the key and unlocks a portal to the dead. Oops. Smoke pours out of the doorway. Two hands come out and pull Eric in. Then dead Erica is thrown through the doorway. Un-dead Dr. Eibon steps out of the portal. Two other zombie type creatures step out behind him. Then Dr. Eibon makes Eric a zombie. Dr. Eibon’s plan is to make everyone un-dead. And of course all hell brakes loose.

“The Dead Hate the Living” was released in 2000 and was directed by Dave Parker. It’s basically a horror/comedy movie produced by Full Moon Entertainment. This means the acting is way over the top and the dialogue is stupid. Just like it’s suppose to be. It’s also sufficiently gross and gory. The make-up is nice and gruesome. There are lots of inside references to zombie and horror movies. Not being a zombie freak, most of it went way over my head. The music is of the head banging type. The camera angles and shadowing add to the punk feel.

For the most part it was fine and I enjoyed it. Not exactly what my generation looks for in a zombie movie but there are a few twists to it that it kept my attention. It’s more for the die hard zombie aficionado. Perfect for the cult culture. If you like all things zombie and lots of drooling of blood it’s probably something you will enjoy. It’s what the new cheezy is all about.