I prefer the bugs in my bug movies big and nasty, but small and nasty will do in a pinch.

A scientist is illegally transporting killer wasps across the boarder. The truck he hired to move the insects crashes and the wasps escape and begin stinging people to death. An entomologist working in the area is called in the see if he can figure out what is happening. The insane scientist is looking for a cure for his wife’s illness and will do anything to accomplish his goal. Even use the entire town as Ginea pigs for his experiments. And he gets his wish when the mayor of the town typically refuses to stop the Day of the Dead festival. That’s typical cause everyone knows you need a whole town full of people to attack at least once in every horror movie. Of course the crazy scientist is instrumental in making sure there are plenty of victims for his testing. He’s one of those bad guys that you really wanna see get killed.

This was your average SYFY channel movie. There isn’t a lot of blood or gore since it is a made for TV work. The story and the acting were good. It’s your basic low budget horror type movie. OK for most of the family. Don’t expect a lot of special effects but all in all the CGI was decent considering it is an earlier work but it is milder than newer killer bug movies. This one concentrates more on the story than the action. It’s watchable provided you don’t expect too much out of it.