“The stuff we have down there makes e-bola look like the common cold.”

In a remote area of Siberia in the 1950’s a meteorite crashed to Earth containing a drop of water that housed an alien microbe. The Soviets attempt to clone it but fail. Something does happen, however, since the net result of the experiments was… Chernobyl. Fast forward to 2004.

The US manages to acquire the microbe and creates a top secret underground lab in Alaska in order to experiment with it. A distress signal is sent out by the lab. Then nothing. Someone inside initiated a full lock down. A team of scientists and Special Forces personnel are dispatched to investigate. The team is led by Dr. Susan Cole (Ona Grauer) and Major Michael Ross (Adam J. Harrington). The other members of the team are Sergeant Trainor (Lorenzo Lamas), Sergeant Hall (Will Sanderson), Captain O’Brien (Rachael Hayward) and Professor Peter Langdon (Jim Thorburn).

Scientists from the underground lab have been doing their own experiments with the microbe. They manage to clone it. Of course they want to make a weapon out of it. The microbe is called PB3. A by product of the alien is water. The alien is extremely intelligent and can form whatever creature it wants. The experiments done on the alien by the US release a monster that can learn and adapt.

Inside the facility the team finds one person still alive, but she is infected. The alien infection is under her skin. There is no cure. Once someone is infected, they will die. The alien itself takes on several forms, spiders, a bipedal creature, water, whatever is necessary to get the job done.

“Deep Evil” was released in 2004 and was directed by Pat Williams. It is low budget “B” movie made for TV stuff. The story is told in flashback so the editing may seem a little choppy at first. There is a surprise ending that you’ll see coming. It ended up being better than I expected. It got panned by a lot of people but, not being a movie snob, I could enjoy it's low budget “B” movie characteristics. Also, with Lorenzo Lamas as the biggest star in the movie, I didn't expect too much.

I’ve heard lots of comparisons to “The Thing”, “Alien”, “Terminator”, “Species” even “The Creature from the Black Lagoon”. That is a lot of movies to rip off. To me, the creepiest form the alien took was water. It reminded me of mercury sliding across a floor.

Like I said, I enjoyed it more than I thought I would. It’s not excellent and it’s not total crap. It’s above average. Unless you are a Lorenzo Lamas fan. Then you’ll enjoy it more.