“Now what?”

Ahh yes. “Deep Rising” Fun, fun movie. The South China Sea were there is an underwater canyon so deep no one has ever explored it. Something that lives there is not staying where it belongs.

A cruise ship on her maiden voyage is boarded by hijackers only to find that everyone is missing. But there is something else on the ship. Sounds spooky. That’s not the fun part. Enter Treat Williams. One of my favorite actors. He is the captain of the ship that the hijackers hire to bring them out to the cruise ship. Not knowing why they hired him he ends up in the middle of all hell.

Throw in a beautiful wise cracking thief that somehow manages to not disappear with everyone else and the fun begins. Treat Williams, as John Finnegan, must battle a sea creature that doesn’t appear to have either a head or tail, at least until the end, and cope with hijackers with itchy trigger fingers all while trading quips with the beautiful thief. He makes it look easy.

This is one of those monster movies where I could not care less about the monsters. To me it was more of a comedy than a horror movie. Granted there are issues with the cookie cutter bad guys and the bad dialogue but Famke Janssen and Kevin O’Connor can hold their own as far as acting is concerned. For the most part, the monsters looks like brown redi-whip pouring out of a can only with tentacles. The CGI is not the greatest either but then I’ve seen worse. There is still a creepy aspect to the atmosphere of the movie that made it interesting to me. I just found it fun to watch… well, except when one of the monsters throws up a half digested person. One who is still alive. Apparently this sea monster drinks you.

"Deep Rising" was released in 1998 and was directed by Stephen Sommers. There’s camp, cheeze, action, gore, blood and the occasional grossness. For the most part you cheer whenever someone gets eaten. After all just about everyone is a bad guy to one degree or another.