I’m deep shocked

It seems like lots of people did not like this movie. I’m a little surprised. We are talking about a SYFY channel “B” movie. I wasn’t as repulsed by it as most people were. Yeah it wasn’t great but it wasn’t the worst SYFY channel movie either. Granted the giant eels look kinda like a skinny puff the magic dragon but the acting was not as bad as other “B” movies. You have David Keith as good guy and Mark Sheppard as bad guy. A part he always does so well.

The plot is standard for this type of movie as well. Underwater facility researching global warming encounters an ancient life form. Ancient life form objects to humans trespassing and tries to defend its territory.

Most people can forgive almost anything in a trashy low budget horror movie except a monster that looks more like a cartoon than a creature. That may be the case here. The CGI on this movie was supposed to be done by an American company, however, to save money they went with a Bulgarian CGI team. That was the big mistake. Instead of a giant moray eel type creature we got a bug eyed Shrek style monster. I’m a monster fan so yes I would have preferred a good monster but all in all, the movie wasn’t so bad that I couldn’t enjoy the bad guy getting what he deserved. I wasn’t thrilled with it but I couldn’t pan it altogether.

The movie itself is far more thought provoking than you would expect. For the most part the characters were interesting and the dialogue and plot were deeper than I was expecting. Even the sets decent. It's just those damn monsters that were dumb looking.

"Deep Shock" was released in 2003 and was directed by Phillip J. Roth