It’s a dragon apocalypse!

There's not much to the plot of this movie. Volcano eruptions release ancient dragons from deep in the Earth. Scientists are worried that a chain reaction of eruptions are possible resulting in a dragon apocalypse. Professor Simon Lowell (Corin Nemec) is a teacher and scientist. He was working on a project involving volcanos. When a volcano erupts during one of his experiments he gets blamed and loses his job. In reality the government has been aware of this possible situation for years. Now it's happened. Really?

Mia Marcon plays Corin's daughter Heather and Victoria Pratt plays his sorta wanna be love interest Carla Simms. The rapport between Heather and Carla is an interesting dynamic and done quite well. The military are basically cliché. There's also a reporter and camera man running around.

Dragons in Moscow. Dragons at the Eiffel Tower, Dragons at the Coliseum. OMG. I haven’t seen this much camp and cheese since “Mega Python vs Gatoroid”. This was a hoot. And they played it serious which made it even dumber. Everything was dopey from the conspiracy theorist to descending into a volcano inside a dragon cocoon to deploy a bomb. I was worried that the general might have trouble getting through his lines without cracking up. I think his dialogue was the cheeziest and he played it to the hilt.

Don’t expect anything other than cheezy dialogue, over the top acting, a weird story line and dragons and you will have a good time. The only criticism I have is that I would have liked more dragon screen time. If you love crappy movies this will be in your collection. It’s SYFY channel “B” fare at its best worst. It’s a ridiculous movie. I loved it.