Why is it whenever people make something with DNA it’s always a dinosaur?

Industrial spies break into the underground facility of Calgorin Industries to steal a formula that can synthetically reproduce any organism. Dr. Harrison Parker (Jeff Fahey) is the brains behind the formula. Other scientists with Calgorin Industries have used Dr. Parker's formula to create a dinosaur.

During the break-in the thieves inadvertently release the T-Rex who, guess what, goes on a rampage killing and eating people and apparently throws buckets of blood against walls. There's yelling, screaming and crunching and a couple explosions later the T-Rex dies. Along with almost everyone else. OK, bad movie, however, there were a few memorable moments.

I love, love, love dinosaur movies. I was surprised to see so many bad reviews for this movie, after all it had a dinosaur in it so how bad could it be? Plus there are some better know actors in it. Jeff Fahey (lawnmower man), Tony Todd (candyman), Dee Wallace Stone (Howling, ET)

Well, I guess there are some reasons behind the bad reviews. Yeah the dinosaur’s a puppet, and a bad one at that. In some scenes the dinosaur looked more like a cut-out of a picture of a puppet. From my understanding the movie recycled some footage that was used in Carnosaur which was done in 1993, and was also pretty bad. But it’s still a dinosaur right? In this case, however, the dinosaur seemed almost incidental to the movie. The spies created almost as much mayhem as the dinosaur. I also hate to say this, but it isn't the worst dinosaur movie I've seen.

Other memorable moments were, a big pile of dino poo, a cheezy movie within a cheezy movie and a jumping T-Rex. I always say that as long as you have a dinosaur I’ll give you points. OK, here’s your points.