Some say the world will end in fire.

An Alien from the sun in the shape of a fireball lands on earth. One of its talents is that it can take over a person’s body for a short period of time. Fire personified. Of course the government wants to capture it and make a weapon out of it. One crazy FBI guy worships it like it’s an angel or a god.

The heroes are a fire fighter (Nicholas Brendon), a former fire fighter (Randolph Mantooth) and a government agent (Sandrine Holt). With Mantooth from “Emergency” and Robert Beltran from “Star Trek Voyager” it’s got some decent street creds.

"Fire Serpent" is a joint Canadian/American venture. It was released in 2007 and was directed by John Terlesky. The fire serpent itself is really kinda cool looking. And it’s smart. The part of the movie that impressed me the most was the special effects. Of course there are explosions all over the place and huge fire balls. Buildings on fire, trucks and RVs exploding. One person even gets cut in half by fire. Not sure how that works.

The concept was created by William Shatner. Not sure if that’s a good thing or not. Anyway, it’s a decent little movie considering it’s a SYFY effort with a smallish budget. Unfortunately I may be in the minority since a lot of people didn't like it. Some found it wordy and some had issues with the special effects and the fire not acting or looking like normal fire. Well, since it is an alien I suppose it can look and act whatever way it wants. I'm not sure what they were expecting from the SYFY channel but I'm well aware of their limitations and I can allow for them.

If you are looking for something different in your aliens you might want to give it a try.