“What’s it doing?” “It’s having lunch.”

An ex-firefighter (Casper Van Dien) and a few ecologists are about to hang a banner on a silo filled with experimental fuel when they see a bomb attached to it. They run for shelter. When the bomb explodes it creates a fire twister. They come across Anthony, an engineer with Synco, the company that created the experimental fuel. He says this fuel burns for a long time and that the twister will keep getting bigger. He joins the ecologists in trying to stop the raging menace.

Add to this there are mercenaries and or CIA agents hired by the fuel company that are trying to kill them. Mr. Garber, the Synco CEO, is interviewed by the press and blames Scott and the ecologists. Scott begins to piece together the plan to sabotage the fuel company and the trap set to snare the ecologists all to divert attention from the real saboteurs. In the middle of all of this is a raging fire that is getting bigger and consuming everything it touches.

I had fun with this one. It’s actually pretty lame. The concept is bizarre. The acting is atrocious to the point of hilarity. The script matches the acting. The woman who is in charge of the mercenaries is an over the top psycho who loves to shoot phones. If she had better aim with the ecologists it would have been a shorter movie.

They added some footage of real wildfires to make it look good. The only thing that looked good was the real wildfires. The CGI fire was funny. It actually looked like it was walking down the street. They also added some pyrotechnics to try to spice up the CGI twister. Then they had some cheezy random throw away man-on-the-street characters for the twister to kill. All of which were as dumb as rocks.

And don’t forget the obligatory helicopter explosion!

All in all it was stupid but I laughed out loud more than once so I didn’t mind. It never took itself seriously and neither did I. I had a good time.