Skippy the flying monkey demon. What more could you ask for?

An innocuous monkey is captured in the jungle and sold to a pet store. The pet store in turn sells the monkey to James (Vincent Ventresca) who is looking for present for his teenage daughter Joan (Maika Monroe). Sounds a little like “Gremlins”?

OK cute, but this monkey is really a demon that changes at night into a man sized, flying, fanged, monster that rips people and animals to shreds feasting on their remains. Joan's boyfriend Jason (Zac Waggener) gets jealous of the cute monkey and ends up drowning his sorrows in the arms of the prom queen. Skippy takes offence. Then Joan's neighbor Paul (Tyler Forrest) tries to force himself on her, Skippy again, takes offence.

Skippy is not so cute anymore. But don’t try to kill it cause if you do it comes back to life as two monkeys. Double the mayhem. What could make it worse? Well we are in Kansas and everyone in this town is a gun toten’ shoot first, ask questions later kinda resident. Soon the skies are filled with winged fanged demon monkeys.

Enter a team of sacred monkey killers with ancient weapons blessed centuries ago. Only they are entrusted with these sacred weapons and can kill these evil demons. What happens next? Lots of dead monkeys.

It’s a really weird movie but a fun one. Skippy was adorable and really loved Joan. I suspect that she was the only person that was ever loving to him. He was trapped by hunters and taken to the US where a not so nice pet shop owner kept him in a cage. Joan, not knowing about Skippy’s alter ego loved him. Even when Joan found out about the real Skippy, the evil monkey refrained from attacking her. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not all sappy. There’s plenty of blood and gore. After all it is a horror movie.