"This is Romania… Where myth and mystery thrive."

Ty "Griff" Griffin (Michael Pare) and Jennifer Wells (Sandra Hess) are CIA operatives in Bucharest trying to rescue a kidnapped American. While there other Americans start to go missing. Two of them are archeologists working in an old church. The CIA agents are sent to a church to find out what is going on. During their investigation more people are killed or missing.

Finally they encounter the real live gargoyle that has been menacing people. By menace I mean kill. Guns don’t stop it. What can kill a gargoyle? It turns out that arrows that have been anointed with the blood of a priest, that is pure of heart, and shot from an ancient crossbow, is the only defense against this menace.

During the mysterious deaths a priest comes to the church and clashes with the resident priest. One of them is good, and one of them is bad. Which is which? What does the church have to do with it all? Who will stop the gargoyles from spreading across the world?

“Gargoyle: Wings of Darkness” is a SYFY channel movie but it is not one of the Maneater Series movies. It is still a low budget “B” movie of the horror genre. Right up my alley.

There are car chases, beautiful Romanian countryside views, a gothic style church, blood, and dark legends. References to vampires, bats, rival gangs, magic, and Dracula himself. CGI effects were pretty good. The plot was interesting although it wound around a bit. I was pretty much pleased with everything.