A redneck guy named Brubaker (Kim Collins) and his redneck daughter, Vicky (Amy Brassette) are sport fishing off the coast of a town called Smallport. They are in a competition to catch the biggest fish. They have chartered a boat and are reeling a big one in when a shark bites the fish in half. Furious the Brubakers torture and try to kill the shark.

Barely alive the shark swims into an underwater cave to die. The cave has strange mystical powers. The shark is transformed into a ghost. The ghost shark, now looking for revenge, returns to the boat and eats both Brubakers and Reed (Carl Palmer), the owner of the boat.

The next day a bunch of kids are at the beach riding jet skis and just enjoying the sun. Ava (Mackenzie Rosman) and her sister Cicely (Sloane Coe) see their father’s fishing boat drifting towards the pier. They swim out to the boat and find it empty except for blood and a digital camera.

At the same time Taylor (Brooke Hurring) is floating on a small raft in the water. Right then the ghost shark appears and knocks Taylor into the water. Cameron Stahl (Jaren Mitchell) rides over on his jet ski to fish Taylor out of the water. Taylor knocks him off the jet ski, steals it and opens the throttle. Just before she makes it to the shore the ghost shark jumps out of the water and eats her. Cameron is picked up by Ava and Cicely in their father’s boat. Sheriff Martin (Thomas Francis Murphy) doesn’t believe anybody’s story about what happened. He’s OK with it being a shark attack but not a ghost shark.

That night Cameron is having a pool party. When one of the guests goes to jump into the pool he is eaten by the shark. Everybody else jumps out of the water. The last ones out are fish food. Cameron’s father (Lucky Johnson) is running for re-election as mayor of Smallport and thinks drugs have something to do with what happened at the pool party. The sheriff doesn’t know what to think.

Elsewhere in the neighborhood strange things are going on. A plumber at a house is eaten while he is working on a water pipe. A kid gets eaten playing on a slip and slide and some teenage girls in bikinis at a car wash get eaten when the shark grabs them from a soap water bucket. It appears that only a small amount of water is needed for the ghost shark to manifest and start chomping.

“Ghost Shark” was released in 2013 and was directed by Paul A. Birkett. It is a made for TV SYFY channel “B” horror movie. The movie got panned by everybody, but like many movies there is always a leftist faction that loves it. That is why we have cults. And urban legends. And shark movies. Lots of shark movies.

“Ghost Shark” is stupid and over the top. And it is meant to be. That makes it fun. It is definitely in the so bad it’s good category. When you can’t even ride on a slip and slide without fear of sharks than you have reached the pinnacle of dumb shark movies.

As for the special effects, if your shark is translucent than no one knows if they’re bad or not. And like any killer shark movie there are plenty of bikini clad teenagers.

In the scene where the kids are reading the on-line article about the lighthouse keeper’s wife drowning, there is a headline on the right in the hot topics section that says: “People watching science fiction movie pause screen to read unimportant text.” I know cause I paused the film to read it.