You picked the wrong island to invade

Aliens land off the coast of an Irish island. There’s a male and a female and they look like a multi tentacled smooth octopus with a big round mouth in the middle full of teeth. They lay these round eggs and they need blood to live on. At first they attack a pod of whales that wash up on the beach.

When the run out of whales they begin attacking people. The only problem is that if the person they attack is drunk the blood alcohol level in the person’s blood is toxic to the creature. (I’ve never seen an alien throw up before.) That means the people of the town need to be drunk in order to protect themselves from the aliens. Did I mention this is an Irish island? With a pub on it. A small group of islanders are aware of the aliens so they need to keep the rest of the population safe while trying to kill the aliens. Can you say open bar? Fortunately everyone is a happy drunk.

Ciaran O’shea (Richard Coyle) and Lisa Nolan (Ruth Bradley) are police officers. Lisa is on loan to the island for two weeks. It’s during her temporary assignment that this quiet fishing village goes crazy. There is both romantic banter and dismissive retorts between the two. He is an alcoholic and she has never had a drink in her life. In order to stay alive Lisa needs to get snockered along with everyone else in town.

"Grabbers" was released in 2013 and was directed by Jon Wright. The movie is scary, funny and charming all at once. The acting is well done. The dialogue is snappy. The characters, all of them, are wonderfully eccentric and endearing. The CGI is great. The Irish coastal scenes are breathtaking. Even the gore is low key. It’s a sleeper of a movie. I absolutely loved it and I can pretty much guarantee you will too.

Before shooting, director Jon Wright took actors Richard Coyle and Ruth Bradley out drinking and filmed them while drunk. Ruth Bradley discovered many quirks about herself while drunk that she used in her performance. While writer Kevin Lehane was backpacking across the world and being bit by mosquitoes, he heard the urban legend that eating Marmite (a vitamin B rich yeast spread) prevents mosquito bites. Hearing that, he wondered whether mosquitoes also got hungover from drunk people's blood. The thought stayed with him until he returned home and wrote the script for Grabbers based on the premise 'get drunk to survive'.

WILHELM SCREAM: In the beginning of the movie when the Skipper is grabbed overboard he screams. The scream is a well known stock sound effect that, as of 2015, has been used in over 416 films and TV shows. The scream was first used in the 1951 film "Distant Drums". It got the name from a character named Wilhelm in "The Charge at Feather River". It has been used in "Star Wars", "Raiders of the Lost Ark", "Them" and hundreds more movies. It lasts two seconds.