A hive of ants?

First of all one of the first casualties in this movie is a baby. If that is an issue with you then do not watch the opening credits.

Second, yes ants do not live in hives. They live in colonies.

The movie starts with the flesh eating ants already swarming through the jungles of Brazil. A company called Thorax is trying to exterminate the ants using specially designed weapons. But these are not ordinary ants. They start doing things that a normal swarm would not do. I mean really bizarre things. There is an alien force guiding them that makes them appear to be self aware. The ants take a young girl hostage. Really? They are trying to negotiate with the humans. Everywhere there are millions of ants. Granted they are CGI ants but it’s still enough to give you a little bit of the heeby jeebys. Plus there are a few close ups of real ants to add spice.

One ant invades the ear of one of the characters (Tom Wopat), (looking like 10 miles of bad road). The ant attaches itself to the inside of his ear and begins to drive him slowly insane. He ends up sacrificing himself to save everyone else.

"The Hive" was released in 2008 and was directed by Peter Manus. This movie seemed to take a left turn somewhere in the middle. At first it was your basic nature gone amuck movie with hordes of ants devouring everything in site. Somewhere in the middle is when it when sideways. That's when the ants started acting like the water creature in the abyss. I have to blame it on the aliens.

The special effects were good for the most part. Some of them were down right interesting. The acting was also rather well done. The premise was different enough to make the film interesting although a little strange. There is some blood and gore but for the most part there weren’t as many victims as is usually in one of these Maneater series films. The Maneaters are mostly horror but this one was more on the Sci-Fi side of things. Still it was good to watch.