Let’s put the fun back in funeral

Ian Cranston (Kevin Zegers) is the last blood relation of Ichabod Crane. He is basically the new kid in town. He is, of course, attracted to the cutest girl in school Karen (Kaley Cuoco). Karen's wanna be boyfriend Brody (Nick Carter) is not happy about it.

Ian is a lover not a fighter. To woo the lovely Karen he tells stories to children. Cute. She's hooked. Dad on the other hand is Carl Cranston (Judge Reinhold). He is the school basketball coach and is forever criticizing his son. To the point where I would call it verbal abuse.

Legends abound in little Sleepy Hollow about the headless horseman. When the actual headless horseman shows up and starts killing people, all hell, naturally, breaks loose. Now it's up to Ian to channel his forefather and try to defeat the real headless horseman before the horseman kills him.

This is more of a teen or even perhaps a pre-teen horror flick but it’s a well done one. The cinematography was good from the opening credits to the end. It is a modern look at the Legend of Sleepy Hollow. It has the same basic characters only in an updated setting.

There are a good number of seasoned actors that do a wonderful job. The characters are well established. Stacy Keach looks like he should be saying “The head, the tail, the whole damn thing.” Judge Reinhold is a horse’s ass for most of the movie and more of a bully than the bully. Nick Carter (from the backstreet boys) is the peer group bully. Kaley Cuoco plays the love interest and last but not least Kevin Zegers is the descendent of Icabod Crane.

It’s not something that I would normally seek out and I can’t knock it just because it’s not my type of movie. There are a lot of good things about it and it’s perfect for someone who wants something classier than the usual blood guts and gore fare that is usually on the SYFY channel.

For parents there are a few double entendres and one suggested sexual situation.