More than meets the fly

Old snotty yuppy friends gathering for another friend’s funeral are one by one infested with killer flies that invade people’s bodies and take over their actions. Even when they’re dead. In essence bug zombies.

Where do they come from? The friends postulate theories on what they are, where they came from and what they are doing to people. How they manage to figure all of it out I don’t know. Conspiracy theorists want to know.

How to kill them? Well Raid for a start. But when there are too many of them you need something bigger.

"Infested: Invasion of the Killer Bugs" was released in 2002 and was directed by Josh Olson. Olson referred to it as the unofficial remake of "The Chill".

As for the movie in general; it starts out stupid, moves to lame, on to bizarre, then gross.

Stupid- Dialogue. Finding a cell signal.

Lame- Acting. Characters.

Bizarre- Dancing to the oldies fly style. Headless dead guy.

Gross- Shampooing with fly infested shampoo. Guy slicing open his own leg with razor.

I started out hating this “B” movie. Gradually I realized that the stupid and lame parts were to a great extent intended. The characters are meant to be unlikable. You are supposed to think they are vain, self-centered jerks. And you do. And they are. You want them to get infested. If you can get past the people in the movie you might find it entertaining. But then you might not. There’s a good amount of gross and definitely some bizarre to round it all out. Don’t expect too much. It’s still a “B” horror movie. And it does meet all qualities of the genre. Think of it as camp. Stupid camp, but still camp. And still stupid. I know you’ve seen worse.